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8th Selpheln - I Love a Charade

"Abracadabra: not an Indian word at all, a cabbalistic formula derived from the name of the supreme god of the Basilidan gnostics, containing the number 365, the number of the days of the year, and of the heavens, and of the spirits emanating from the god Abraxas." —Saleem Sinai----------------------------------------------------------------------------- September 4, 2013 -----------------------------------A parade is a mere advertisement - I moving build board for certain groups with a community. Who organizes these and put them on display other than the Polis? -----------------------------------------------------------"Polis" is word that means city, town, burg, ville and so on. The term police somes from this cause the police represent and are supervisors who work for the city/polis ----------------------------------------------------I live a parade! the fire trucks - woo woo!!! and the bands school locals play my fave show tunes - great people eh, we should trust them, they are in the parade for christs sake, right. They are on TV parading theis stuff so it all muss be true right? carneval too that day to celebrate we need more money (for the polis) or we need to spend more money (for the town marks/people/community) - step right up folks, and get a tricknTreat -------------------------------------------------- How would we even know who the Shriner's are if they didnt advertise and parade them self as beneficent lovers of children, make those of us who are curious about those lodges maybe ask to join them or other of those sorta orgs/farternity's/maternity's, us who want to know more about those little hats and how they ride those gocarts so well, is why they makes them self known maybe? What is hidden is hidden to be found. Those who are curious look!- - - - -----------------------------------------A "Police Officer" is a supervisor of the city, Officer is a term meaning Supervisor a person holding a position of command or authority - a holder of a public, civil, or ecclesiastical office. ------------------------------"a probation officer" even? ) ----------------------------------------Administrator = Supervisor, officer, controller and so on - low or high office --------------------------------------I am from the Indian-ap-Polis area - Inidan City no doubt -------------------------------------------------------------------------The Me Am Eye Indians traveled from northern Indiana to Miami Florida with the seasons it is said, musta stayed in the indian polis for a spell a time er two? -----------------------------------------A "Minister" is a Administrator in a business, church, religion, polis, dept, Goverment office, clergymen,Father, Frator, Doctor, Nurse and willy nilly -------------------------------------------------------------------Any man or women of the Polis administrates the business of towns and citys. All or most towns today, citys, school corps, villes, burgs, staes and Nations is a Corporations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Those who do business even as a Soul proprietor, he then coops with the polis also as an administrator, same with any one who uses the polis as intercessor/intermediary is in coop with the Polis if they pay tax's to the tax minister. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------At Church the Minister tax's you with an "offering" subliminal suggestion or advertisement/parade/show = to "donate" cause they are the polis who supervise the organization under 501c3 tax status and are not allowed to sell religion for profit, so they must get donations rather than sales. donations = parishioners and parishioners = dollars. So a Minister of an 501c3 organization can suggest donations, but not make them mandatory since its a non profit org. Many methods are used to "suggest" the donations needed to pay the Ministers and the staffs. -----------------------------------See---------------------------------------------------------------- the job of all Ministers/Administrators, police,evangelists is to collect fines, donations and dollars with is a tax = tax's. So you are being Taxed any time you deal with an administrator of any kind, cause thats their job to tax and supervise the peoples of the polis - if you live on earth you more than likely live in a polis jurisdiction and are activly being supervised by them in many more ways than one. -------------------------------------------------Its in the best interest of the polis that you break a rule, law of some kind so they can collect a guilt or sin offering for breaking the laws of god the Polis ---------------------------------------------------An organization is a polis, it is a coop with the State, through the Federal government, who is made of of representatives of each each state and/or polis ------------------------------------------------------------In the same way the term "ment" in our language means mind - so the term Government means to govern minds - whos minds? ------------------------------------------------------------Mind tricks are dones with spells - spells are words - spelling words ---------------------------Corporation's are PERSONS - a PERSON is a man made entity or Golem Orgs are also man made ------------------------------Persona means act or a performance = a mask ego = man made creation Nature didnt make it = man made it from his mind ------------------------------ Words are a creations of man ------------------------------- Mind is words - you cant think with out man made words, numbers or glyph programmed into your brain drive. No one can. ------------------------------- No mind existed until words was introduced - only being through the senses ------------------------------- Words are the Archons - a foreign entity that entered mans body and disrupted his being and senses, and through is brain, gained control over mankind like a parasite - ----------------------------------- This invisible control is also known as the "All seeing eye" and hierarchy (trickle down control and hive mind/herd/comminist/colonist mind) makes this all possible ------------------------------------ In hierarchy everyone has a place in the pyramid - heirarchy is invented from nature = a bee's nest/ colony;hive -------------------------------------- Bee's are Colonist's - communist organizers ------------------------------ Workers on the bottom, Drones (little Kings/Qings) in the middle; and Queen is at the top - the cap stone is hive mind - ----------------------------------Drones are the polis - laborers are supervised/policed by the drones - hive mind, rules, laws are programmed by the Clergy bee who are also known as scientists wgo make laws of man. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Parades are advertisements for the workers by the drones - same with any propaganda from the polis ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Judicial system is the Mosaic law as layed out by Moses the Patriarch if Judaic Christianity still today. This is a taxing the profane, created by men Golems called "Humans" (The term Human means sub-Man) to collect tax from sinners/Humans/Chattel who mess up on the production floor, is the job of the drones who supervise the works of the Beasts of the field. ---------------------------------------"Man" is sovereign and free if he is a builder of burgs = a drone/Qing/little King/Qing = the genetic seed of most all modern Humans in this world, and top of the pyramid -( all the indigneouse are wiped out/genocided cause they could not be tamed/civilized/broken/educated/indoctinated/enslaved) - So man had to mix with the slaves, like the domestication of any animal they used Farming technology today called Eugenics to create a better laborer,a Sub-man bread to labor certain tasks or even play sports. See this fact hidden in every myth and religion in the world and know why things are hidden. Every Religion is the worship of Kings - Christ King - Buddha was also a King and same with Krishna = all King worship like Mohamedite's, who follow a King Mohamet - who are supervised by clerics/polis in congregations/communitys/kingdoms/countys/town-ships/citys ext ext Mosk pit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Humans" or sub-man are Chattle/slaves/Civilians RH positive blood type = the rest of the worlds Humans -----------------The Police = The High Priest's Servants -----------------Crimes = Sins ------------------The Jail = The Ward ----------------The Courthouse = The Temple -------------------The Courtroom = The Holy Place -----------------The Judge = The High Priest ----------------------The Bench = The Altar --------------------The Bar = The Veil ------------------------Lawyers = Intercessors ------------------------Pleas = Prayers -----------------------Being Guilty of a Crime = Being Guilty of a Sin -----------------------Criminals = Sinners ----------------------Fines = Sin Offerings -------------------Court Costs = Heave Offering -----------------------The Supreme Court = The Holy of Holies -------------------------The Judicial System = ----------------------------The Levitical Priesthood --------------------Please = Plea's ---------------Plea guilty or not guilty? --------------Plea means pray ----------------------Please means "I pray to you" same with plea to a Judge who you are to prey for forgivness ------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The term Anti- means Before - Before christ law of the Golden rule there was the Mosaic law so to be anti christ is to be before christs law, or not under it. Who ever follows \Moses law does not follow Christ laws and is Anti christ - honestly im just disclosing the words, you do the math. --------------------------------------------------------All lawyer's Rule the land, they are Lords, some just Squires called esquire - lawers are Judges, they make all the rules and enforce them with supervisors/admin - If the BAR rules who reigns? - - - but who gives them the title Esquire? ------------------------------------------------------------The bAR is world Wide, so Attorneys rule the world via laws using courts as temples - temple are banks since a bench is a bank in latan , but they do not reign over it, rule over it yes, and they must tithe, can be any creed these days these people who rule, color, nationality, religion or what ever - no one else rules the world and supervises each and every Org, groups, institution, CORP and PERSON and that word means CORP and corps means not alive - google "Golem" and "Egregor" - the ego is a product of this egregor hive mind created by word/laws/logic/logos/thought forms/memes/memory - those who control language control laws and those who control laws control people - any law and any rule is the same logic - if your apart of these rules u are ruled - ---------------------------------------------------------------A Beast is an animal - Animals cannot control them self = they have no mind, only instinct and can only be trained/domesticated using sounds and rewards/pos and neg reinforcement through the senses. Memory is part of this new instinct introduced by the trainer inforeced untill it become instinct and memotized through the senses, not mind, its instinctual sorta mind to react with the rest of the herd = Miley Cyrus style - Roomers and gossip cause reactions, so do tsunamies to the grazing beasts. Ask me for more details on this subject if u dont get this part - its crucial to understanding your self, man and humans - so we can all be Supermen one day - eh ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Humans can think, so words are all thats needed to control them. in this Farmingtown - - - So A beast is anything/animal that cannot control his desires, appetites, passions, is superstitious maybe, goes by instincts. addictiosn and so on. An animals will have sex anytime any place and does not think through the ramifications of his actions. A beast is a Farmers helper if he can be trained under a whip/flail/Hook and staff. A Kinf ceptor is to crack the heads of the beasts of the feild, same with a whip or cane. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------On a farm every beast has a number or brand - a brand is a name but it can be a number - in this case, every beast/Golem/Human/Chattle/Sheeple has this mark, for it is the mark of man. So a number or a word is the same as any mark, it tracks your production for if you are a worker bee, your being supervised by the drones. A workers work is never done, says the drone. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Socialism is a workers part of politics same with comminism. a system set up bu colonists to enforce on a hive or Farm animals. in this case Bee heirarchys. All hives are shaped like a pyramid - not hard to find the Queen inside, she has a certain oder thats attracts all. And besides, honey is money! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Only those who can control them self, leave the hive, jump the fence of the city are truley free from the hive, You cannot live in a hive and not be supervised in some way. If your not working and in a hive, you may be reported and kicked out of the hive or killed even crucified, if your weak and human, you beast, you get back to work and labor for part of the colony. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ants the insex are also very in-flu-ential of the man making of civil lie's nations - colonys - marching orders - team work/communists = "observe the Ant" it says in the Bible - not I have to be infected by this in flu ants? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bee a beast or bee cast out? Conformity = group norms = hive mind = herd mind = Beasts mind = voting = cooperating = animal farm -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wood eye ever bee 4 given for not wanting to bee apart of this mind? Cant one think for them self? Yes but only when he can control his body, mind and actions - get control of your self or you are being controled - either way is fine with me, choose your pown path Humans - but know your self and control your self or bee always of the Beast - this mark you all carry? can be dis carded, or kept treasure and secure like a trophy. "protect your idenity" your persona or PERSON -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Man must use nature to create nature and man is the measure of all things - measure your self and you will know all mans and humans thoughts and actions - You will acheive what only Kings and Queens wont allow - individual autonomy to create and out think the gods/Gods, who are the Kings and Queens of old inserted into your religions and mythology - What is right in front of you is what is hidden, as much as what is inside you. Learn these and get a real prize sweater than honey. -----------cha·rade --------noun------------- an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance. ------------"talk of unity was nothing more than a charade" --------------------synonyms: farce, pantomime, travesty, mockery, parody, pretense, act,masquerade-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------County's are Owned/Ruled and established by Counts (G = Geo-gentry is to Count/survey)along water ways and railways of early america using lodges, who measured surveyed and claimed the states and "County's" - by the Counts/Prince and Priests/Clergy = guys with the high hats and two ball Cane's pointy mustaches tying virgins on rail road trax for a ritual sacrifice so to kick start the party after scamming sttler's out of their claims for pennys - even military are the same folks, death cult in charge of population control and security of the Prince or the patriarchal system or reign and rule - all the same blood line's of the = Your-a-peon = aris-stock-crazy ... No, this is not so cliche of a story - so keep reading if you want to unlearn anything------------------------------------------ -4 example = I live in Hamilton co. So The land is owned by the "Counts of Hamilton" (County) - The Prince are still principality, (nasi means prince in hebrew) and to live on the Prince's lands, you must pay the tax to be free and accepted - it is private owned land for public uses who spend money that the counts will count. It is for lease/all sales are are subject to be seized or stolen from you = period - if it was your country, your land, yude make the rules, but the Ruler's make the rule's, not you - modern day legal land piracy counts of your trespassing in the land or waters making you guilty of sin and of owing a tax........................... In your home, on your land, you pay for the right to be the King of your own castle, your a captain on a ship, your a worker, you have workers rights to live on the land you work, the colony is a plantation, you have rights as a worker on that floating plan it - - - you have title and permits, not true owner-ship - your just the captain on a ship you may have built, but it can be taken cause your floating on surveyed land and the entire plan it is a grid and has been surveyed by the people who claimed it my that very measure - - - - - - - - - -----------------But hold on jack - in your castle, you can make the rules, same as on your ship, your the king of your castle - but the Prince of this world owns the grid, and the whole planet is a grid - The Count's even enforce the rule that you must pay a tax to live on their lands they surveyed via Geomancy- - - Every town you enter in the north had a G showing you who owns and rules the lands = Counts - and any one who counts rules and everyone who rules counts - judges make all the rules - they are enfarced on the banks of the rail roads, banks of rivers and banks on side the road nowadays - a bank is the side of the river, where the money is counted, where your goods = = = and bads alike are measured for taxing, just pull your ship to doc so the kingsmen can measure humpty dumpty's weight - - - -------------------------------------------------------- Dukes are in charge of mechanical maintenance of the worker units, Duktors are maintenance techs in reality, fixing faulty machines = Duktor in white robe - Counts judge and tax you black robe - And if you study close enough, the counts are all related to the same European counts and royals like you, who is a fallen angel and has fallen from that family tree some how only to be treated like a step child? - I am not complaining, but this is esoteric that most people miss they are counted, as a beast on a farm is kept track of, marked with a number and name is a brand -------------- - Counts sit on the Bench/in Latin means Bank, same as any bencher - - - and even bankers are counting same as accountants and clergy are these same holy preists - Counts rule the county - Counts rule the State - Counts rule the city via the Mayor/Major - each star on your national fag is a Capital and this governor is General in his theater of war on the inhabitants of the land. Each stripe is a stick/dick and a stick is called a fag = it is bound by the stripes/fags of patriarchy - - - your flag is a facsi=fascist turn it up wards and look - - - just means patriarchy = a bundle of sticks/dicks and the entire plan it is a patriarchy ran by dicks and chicks with dicks via boards of directors = dickteters - yes a penis is a nipple for some of you - - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Duktors, Judges and clergy all speak Latin - its all very biblical, ritual and even see it as the inqusition as executives are executioners judges judgeask the question - State Executes punishment's for sin/crime on a re-penence-tentury---------------- You are not free on some one elses land, only on your own = your own property and if you are a member of a Church or Lodge are you a "freeman" see definition of a Freeman - if your not a freman your a pauper or a common - your a king or a kingsmen = = = and ask humpty dumpty about being together again.......................................................... this is not your land and in america you cannot be held to a contract you did not sign - you did not sign the cons-tit-utuion but you did pleadge alligents to the fag - those who break that oath will have to walk the plank at sun ra

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