Monday, November 3, 2014

7th Selpheln - Creative Destruction Of Evolution

June 28, 2014 - - - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I set out to find out how religous nature could be about the theory of faith and this so called Faith in theory. I took trips again to the wildernest. I cannot find any evidence in nature of evolution when I look for my self, minus every thing I was told in school and so forth. I am not religious or anything like that but I wanted to find evolution outside when I looked and only found creation and destruction. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I mean, isn't the big bang band, the sudden creation from nothing, BAM! - same as the Bible babble story of sudden creation from nothing, just by saying the word and light is here. Both go against natural physical reality, in fact, I am trying to create something out of nothing; and cant for the life of me cant do it. I can make a house from tree's or a road from busted up rocks, a fire from slint n fuel bics but cant make a big bang with out a tool made from materials unless i clap it out loud i make a sound ----------------------------------------------------I cannot make materials out of thin air, but even air is something and a noise is some thing but I cant create an earth and people in my own natural reality, eh... ---------------------------------------------------For instance in nature we can observe: ------------------------------ The ant's create a hill and the deer trample it and destroy it. --------------------------- I make a fire and it rains -------------------------- The deer made a path and the local developer destroyed the owls tree house sub divides it for shops ---------------------------- The Bee's made a hive and the poo winny bear's destroyed it for honey sake treat -------------------------------- The beavers created a dam and the floods came and pushed them out ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I want to see evolution, not theorize about it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Every place I look in person, when I leave the text books and internet behind, I find creation and destruction in nature, yet Darwin and todays scientist swear and be dammed we and nature is evolving? I cant see it with me eyes and make any logic of it, unless some millions of years of creation and destruction some how evolves into not creating and destroying any more... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Maybe creation and destruction, order and chaos are evolution of more of the same? I do not get it, do you? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------I do not see human technology as evolution at all, not when all man does is copy him self and nature over and over again. How could any other method work in nature by a direct copy of nature? - "Man is the measure of all things" Protagoras. So we see society and architecture as a copy of nature, how else could it work? All one needs to do is study society, to find man is the measure of mans ways and created as a copy/hybrid of him self. Like our computer, is not made to evolve, how could a computer, a building or a car evolve? Instead, they are made to destroy and re-create, just as nature. Just like the wild creatures create and destroy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------I do not see the squirrels in my woods evolving in the town I have live in, on and off most of my life. I can not find proof of that, unless I look in a picture book, text book or watch animation on the Discovery channel. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------If you define cross breading as evolution, that makes sense in what your saying here. But I dont see it with my own eyes and cant go with it takes so much time no one can see it happen? Then how can we theorize it except out of thin air, I think. -------------------------------------------------------------------------And The term "natural selection" is odd to me when it selects to circulate and repeat it self through creation and destruction, when I my self observe nature in a natural setting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------To be clear once more: The evolution I speak of was/is evidence in the moment, what I see right now out side in the planets preserves, in the wild preserves, as it may be a manipulated wild, but as it is today in my life time of observation. I do not speak of a theory of the past by some one sanctioned to provide a logical explanation to the scientific community and school children. I have a hard time making my way of life and the way I see life/death based on what I am told. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am told, here is two choice's to choose from, "choose one to be for - and choose one to be against". I am not for or against either theory's provided for me, I just formulate my own knowing and exclude the theory's I am provided if they cannot be repeated by my self in my lab. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------And if we look, we can see that nature is change, nothing but change and that must be perfection, how can it be imperfect that man has to say let me fix it because he is afraid of being destroyed by this perfection? But this change is so predictable isnt it, it is creation and destruction, it is predictable yet so chaotic by my self. Some one hide me from this with a theory. But over time and with much time in this change, changing with change, we start to notice patterns, and the absence also of them. The change now I see, now on earth is death in human kind and lots of local extinctions of wild animals, these are not positive mutations to prolong life of any specie's, if you call them mutations, call them neg toward destruction, if there is positive and negative as our two choices again. Good and bad as my measure. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I dont see genetic manipulation by man as bad, not when they help me live, unless I want to die, then life is bad. But I also do not see them as a positive mutation when man creates the mutation instead of nature since it is evolution of nature we examine. The manipulations by men are always weak and requires high maintenance for survival, in the case of production farm animals and pedigree pets. I do not understand sickness as a positive mutation, when life is being attacked. But maybe life and death is not good or bad, it just is nature. I dont think nature prefers one over the other, just change is all nature is, no words or man made measure to define it self by. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In domestic hybrids of any animals and human, the genes are weak and they get sick easy, they require doctors check ups and vet bills - The life force is weak and requires constant care and a artificial environment ( illusions, drugs and false perceptions to hide stress for instance). The tamed cannot survive in the wild very long if at all, especially when the domestication is several generations of artificiality. Domesticated humans have no instinct left to be wild, they need being taught, instead of learning on their own and told what time to eat and how to have a balanced diet, it is bred out of them to survive with out being governed with laws and kept in a artificial environment's. Many can not survive with out a herd to follow, not many can lead them self any more apart from the group herd mind and standards of thought provided for them to think. Present a thought they never heard and they may attack, rather than consider and modify their perceptions and conceptions, based on new evidence. Not so with philosophers ans scientist we hope, but it is there in every group, group norms, a treasured schema, and the outsider is not welcome and is scapegoated with much fervor and jeer's. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No mutations at all in a positive sense do I see, I only see negative ones in nature and in society/social groups. I cant see things like mental retardation and the many dis-ease men have as positive genetic mutations, not at all are they? Not if we expect them to continue the life of human/man kind in the future - looks like we are going extinct with all the sickness and mortality in the moment, no evolving at all, not even socially. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As for as the theory's, we could say only cross breading to create different types of hybrid species occurs/occurred in any specie, that is all that ever happened. I could be the monkeys uncle, not the monkey be mine. One could theorize monkeys actually came from a man like species, rather than men came from a ape like one. I could go on and on with theory's, but nature shows us plainly, in plain site, of ones own eye. ===============================================================================- = - We measure time and space using a clock and a grid. But what if I said that clocks and square grids are only mental constructs made physical by human hands from human idea's? These are synthetic, man made instruments to establish a synthetic reality and mental perception. Accurate only if we agree they are accurate. And all civilization use the same clocks and shapes universally to measure time and space, no matter what time it is, There is never enough. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How long does it take to move across this square, based on that clock in the town square? Just ask the clock maker and the grid makers son. The are in cahoots to sell you shinny trinkets. Dont matter what size square you use or what the unit it is called, in what language, the same clocks are used second by second, around the globe. The is Counter the clock wise. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Each second of time is sub divided, according to the rules of time keeping. Stop watchers can tell you at the Olympics, just how long it took Jack, when went up the hill to Jill a pale of water. So how can we measure anything with out a synthetic device or metronome? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Count's count in a space where everything counts. On the counter, where the balance is justice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shall we calculate time and space based on your heart beat or mine? Mine is a bit slower than yours. But wait, we would first have to create a way to count with a number system construct and create a grid using natural materials. But wait, no two in nature is exactly the same shape, length or size, not even a tic, just the consult with the talk? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As it is written saith the Science Clergymen. So it must be true, it must be reality. use the same synthetic language's the that silly Bible uses to create a Science reality for non believer's and call it revelations for one sect and evolutions for the other sect, just remove the "R", it will surely create revolutions among them. Both will believe in that. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A machine is not a natural variant of another machine from nature, it is a precise creation, made with hands and minds. nature does not need a mind to think it, it just is no matter what we think about it, it came first. But Mental Constructs are trans fur d to a blue print and from that print, it is constructed with precise details into a physical construction project, using manipulated hand shaped natural materials, or crushed into aggregate. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thus, clocks are a machine. And with out a man made cooky formula and device to calculate time and space, how could there be space and time? With out a definition of space, how could it exist? Are not words, symbols, numbers and definitions the creation of men, to communicate for the purpose of commerce? Why else do anything but grunt and point? S--------------------------------------------------------------o if men unkind went extinct, what time would it be, how far would it from here to there, or what time would it be here or over there, no not there, to the left a bit more... -----------------------------------------------Einstein was a genius with space and time are relative. They are related after all - - - in that they are simply an idea and do not exist with out a mind to think them, percieve them or conceive of them... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There is no time and there is no space. It is all in your head. Evolution is revolution on volition. ---------------------------------------------------No, I do not see anything evolving right now, as I said - I see energy as memory and it circulates and repeats creation and destruction, nevermore. Some times is born or new from birth, some times it is in the middle of life and other times it is near death or dead ----------------------------------------------------Some prefer to rest at creation and seek only light/good and others seem to crave only destruction and seek only dark/bad ----------------------------------------------------Few are both and still fewer are positive, neutral and negative all at once --------------------------------------------------"Out of the One comes Two, out of Two comes Three, and from the Third comes the One as the Fourth" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am not a creationist or a evolutionist. I promise you this. I just know what is, for i know myself. I show you myself here. Okay, let us make a human live under water, out side air, they would not have a chance under water unless you give them time to evolve gills or a blow spout and some swimmy fins, gills and scales. Or at least dolphin like skin and tale shins to out swim hammer head shark twins. But then what about my skin wrinkling like an old mans till it turns to mush, like at the pool? Let us force all of human kind to live under water and evolve to survive it. Do you really think humans would evolve and not all die off quickly from drowning? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Turkeys have wings to fly, but drop one from a helicopter and see it evolve before they hits the ground. Or maybe keep doing this generation after generation the they will finally learn to fly down and land like the legal eagle, but that is naturally ill Eagle and not of the leagal of nature laws. Not even in the same league at all. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Watch a fly hit a window over and over, trying to prove he can fly through glass to escape your cigarette smoke. This is the very definition of evolutionary fly science, you cant prove it Mr. Fly. The definition of doing the same thing over and over expecting the same result is what again? Like evolutionary seance, isnt it? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lets have a board meeting and make it a law that fly's can fly through windows, it just takes a million years to evolve a glass cutter. But then it will be against the law to say other wise. Just like the Popes people and the peoples popes, eh. We need Scientific clergy and congregations and laws, so nature is hidden from the eyes of the sky scraper Pugh's and meeting room round table's. We cant have the laborer's knowing nature, then they would know them self, eh... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you cant repeat it even once, it just a idea, not the old science of Newton. It is synthetic mental construct. Nature is change, nature is perfect, you can go out side right now in the wild and observe this change, it is predictable, but not a precise prediction will prevail. Natures has cycles and those cycles do not evolve, they just vary. But one things is for sure and that is destruction and creation or a new cycle. See the Uroboros in action out side. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Or maybe ask the great profit Nostradumbass, what will happen approximately, when the hybrid white chicken cross's the road with out a crossing guard. Or follow the white hybrid rabbit down the fox hole alice. It is a trap for dumb white domesticated rabbits, says the sly old wild Fox. Nature does not domesticate animals so it will pull a plow, be three times the weight in meat of a wild one. Or produce an apple a day 365 days a year, cause that burns out the gene. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The domesticated gene does not evolve, it burns out becaue it is weak, same as the wild gene does not evolve. Try and see if a wild water buffalo will pull a plow, it takes off spring of domesticated calves, hand raised from birth to do that. A wild lion will not allow the lion tamer at the circus whip it and poke it with a chair. It will kill or dies trying, or sinlpy die from stress in a cage. But The domesticated gene will behave because it is generations of being such,it burns out faster though,it is weaker because the home made light that burns twice as bright, burns out twice as fast at home. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nature creates and destroys in cycles, these cycles vary, but verily I tell you the new cycle is coming sure as the Reaper reaps the crops on harvested moons. The scythe of death will come and drop, so will the buds spring to life. The term human means sub-man. Humans are domesticated Man. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Know thy self" and you will know all things.

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