Monday, November 3, 2014

5th Selpheln - Azazel Fuckenstine

Azazel the out cast from his fathers house - wonderd allot ---------------------------------------------------------Dr. Azazel good genes Fucknkenstine and Igor/eyegor - Drakenburger of the Nahustan - The serpant people took his early leave with his fathers permition to explore and take with him what his fahter would have him take, other wise he left him when he left - and with him he took the sin of the city -------------------------------------------------------------------------- a protical sun it was that day,,, hid head marked with a widows pea, the lord planted goat horns in his six head - so no one would mess with him he also tattood him with some indian ink and this amazed all trangers, his horns and ink, his harley and white king ships, some even built on land on top oh capitals called hills.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Father fucken Stine of good germ/gen/djin = a Germ man - some called it in the oden days ugene - the seed of the whole earth, frater of the monster lyk race and changed his name from RAzazel Azazel - used his partner Gregore the Egregore he conjured using lies, music, dance and created a Bable book for him to learn and called him baby lion - The lion of Yoda - what he named him self aka Judah/Cane and two ball cain all the same --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- wonder's, a wonderer and thinker of thoughts = the protical son who come so home once a life time - called him Samsara - allowed by the Gods to wonder the wilderness for all eternity in rebirth and be always the blame for all sins of the strabgers who can see all and whom all can see - this for always telling the secrets of the Gods, about the fire of the Gods and the tricks of the Gods and helped pandora open her so called "box" -------------------------------------------------------------Count Vlad Von Drunkenstine - a drifter who came home and conquerd his Fathers house - using a Golem monster, via conjuring magic with gold trinkets - he said they gave great power to the Gods - destroy the Gods, and have their power of motility -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Frankenstine (a Frank Noble named Francis Stine - ((remember the swartze)) and gregore another out cast called he called his able brother embodied- - - First his time alone abeld him to have ability of the brain, from being alone learning and not warchin tv - far beyond that of the mashrooms he had eaten and the weeds he had been smokin the smoke there of - learning witcherys and plants alchemy alone they called him a fagon - - - He dreamed of being over the whole earth as a great ass hole - so he created cross bread security dogs and called them god dogs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------But the creations was dumb as hell of the human likeins - even thors hammer was smarter - so he tried to refrom them, his slavs - over and over frustrated he tried new ways to breed out the dumb. All they wanted to do is screw and eat - so he punished them often from missing work oprotunitys ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Herm me is I Am , call be Herman me is trismigatis / sheman sherman the tanked wine bibbler - im thrice great pyramid maker - haha - i made a snafu - the Thinker or Thoth/toaught/thought/taught - - - - - - I am the ruler of the world around here in my own world, and destroyer of worlds over there - - - maker of pottery, call me the pather pharoah of the the World farmers, I need pots - I will sling my seed and cover the earth and dominate it by the seed and by the word of Good spells = richard the first dick weed -------------------------------------------------------------------from the dirt I will adamsmasher -----------------------------------------------------------------------------So he grabbed a some innocent females and man likes from a near by monkey tribe and began to mangel them, with them his blood, bones and sea men - using his assistant the Egregore Demon making many colors of mandorsons and sinisters as templets for slav manning the bed posts and ground plows - - -- some one gotta mend the fence and dig a hole for golden nuget - - - ---------------------------------------heCrated a first monster (Golem) But Igore/gregore provided for a bad brain - so he used words to great an ego - He taught the monster how to read the bevel called confusion bible, made him a church seting to ritual and actually fell in love with his creations, wrong answer - - - Adom and Eve - - - they would go for walks and dance in Azazels Garden - he was called the Saviotor of the Golemites, Habbits and Khazar he had created - the Elve and drawers - seven drawers in all of each lead to 11, 12 then they added a another dresser with one drawer - all by killing and stealing the neighboring tribes women and wood, children and breeding with them - - - a template for things to cum ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------He killed all traces of all the old original and adoriginal people, he made his Dolls from, except the Selphelim and Nephelim Tribe - who are a mix of Adam and Eavite - a child of natural birth of two orignal Man u nazi - - - and Brainwashington would always return geneticly - - to Dolph of the earth - who the earth is named after the Elven Ilion Alidjans -----------------------------------------------------------------------------from Atom he created right handed people from Eve left handed people and sopes for the sheeps and sheppards with hookers - cowlicks - they are called Gentle - they are the leaders of the Cathol and examples to follow in that nation of tables - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------woman cats have kettens and bull cathol have calves to lick them off - salt of the earth blocks to lick - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------He told his grandkids and daughter he was an Angel, and he would breed with them and make their babys Gods and it came to pass - virgin birth before marriage via the Lord Fuchenstine and his very impotent Golems VIP's red carpets he called jeunichs - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------But his son and first Golem also cateled named Sodom, he could not stop jacking off and getting drunk, havin sex with his kids and animals - So Gomarra moved next door accross the river away to start her own sex cult where she could be sovergen queen cum buckett --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- but he had a feice temper Adom did - and was strong so was his seeds - and could endure a long time, but his brain was weak and un-intellegent - The Monster was used to labor for Doctor Frankenstine - but the rules are the rules - you can get high on the sugar in apples - SugarKane changed all that for them - when he temped them with sugar apples - choke that down Adams able --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So he created Orks to wOrk and labor the feilds lands gardens - and called them beast yoke necks - played music for them so they would work and fight harder and gave them chewing two back hoe as cud to chew like gum - he sold the beasts as slaves and a few gene ra aten of perfecting the Frankistine method of: fucking everything that walked, even his own - creating more and more by fucking the brides of frankinstine and her daughters of golem - - Shatan and Gaymora -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dick son ary = look it up mission arian have missions when leaving the city of angels - to plant churchs and seeds of churches words called good spells - sex behind closed whors and meeting to collect money - forgive my french --- word to your mother - go and do the same to all n-ations/atens/satans - see aten is a man made gregore - this is his story ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- creating armys for sale - orks will do anything for glory and a errect statue of them self, like master bates - slaves to labor of all colors and athletes foot - like wings on your shoes- they was so much faster than the other meat puppets = who proved it, naked as hell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The bable is the story of Slaves - and how the Gods can be born thru them as a vessel, so he have meat dolls to play with - see the slaves are dolls for the Gods - created for that porpose suppose to be that way - like cows pigs n chickens are bred and born just to eat, nothin more, so is human and huwoman born and bred to work, fight like pit bulls and die broke-,,, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The story of your slavery and how you keep your self enslaved is the key to it -you - a beast made just to ork - more ways than one - Gods are from the sun n moon ships - slaves are meat puppets with no soul - just ego - prove your self other wise ------------------------------------------------------------------Leo the Divinci son of davidi the lion of yoda medici said so -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He marked each beast with a number and name - each was a patriot/patriarcal robot of ritual and mind numbing programs - because no one changed this pattern of behavior - its still goes on today over and over as seen in the bile plan of babbling idiots babbling over fallen towers confused for years and years astonished - the Gods laughed - said let us immitate Frank stine forever, and blame him, put all the sin on him - he will always make things interesting for us - those joker sephelim are an eyefullem and so are the middolland nephelim - are so silly togethoer they rock - they trump all - they take all tricks - no matter what - but make them wonder the earth - never feed them or allow them shelter the gods laughed - with out the jokers we could play no eucher, we would have nothing to do but drone - glory be to azazel ------------------------------------------Thus - The beginning began again - and again - and over and over it again and again as it was again it will be - thats how the Archon Tech - designed it - yep - pretty sure---------------- - plays a game to get the stupid monsters - to kill each other called = wAre shipping the Goods - executives exicute -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------feet notes Kenite" is a rendition of Hebrew קֵינִי Qeyniy. According to Gesenius, the name is derived from the name Cain (קַיִן Qayin). Cheny/Chaney ext - According to A. H. Sayce, the name `Kenite', Qéní, is identical an Aramaic word meaning `a smith/goldsmith/silver smith and stine', which in its turn is a cognate of Hebrew Quayin, with the meaning `a lance - - - kin folks are cain folks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The archetypal figure of Cain can be found in an astonishing variety of myths and legends from divers places and periods. Notable ones include: Kronos/Saturn Hermes/Mercury Zeus Vulcan Oceanus Osiris Oannes Dagon Moloch Baal Odin Wotan South American gods such as: Votan Viracocha Quetzlcoatl And although Cain is himself a Biblical figure, major elements of his story are repeated in the Biblical (and Apocryphal) tales of: Enoch Tubal-Cain Noah Abraham Isaac Jacob Nimrod - man rood/red man Melchizedek King Hiram of Tyre Archangel Michael even Christ himself

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