Monday, November 3, 2014

4th Selpheln - The Troyjan Prophesy

"Abraxas doesn't take exception to any of your thoughts or any of your dreams. Never forget that. But he will leave you once you become blameless and normal."Herman Hess-------------------------------------------------- In the sacred rights of the Selphelim, it was normal to do things with out wearing the proper attire. Im pretty sure -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Being from sector Twilight was a blissing for some that many jeoloused over slobber. What he hadnt real eyes is that going shirtless in some parts, indickated you didnt have one, and his sector markings was clear for Skynet to detect. Thought to have special powers for their inherit ability to forsake power for happiness. Seems all the other with speacial powers wanted to be alone and enveyd the Selphelims antics. After giving it off his back, the shirt had wound up warming a tea cup for an poor old lady, he handt had time get a sdeer hunting permit, no need to wear sartruse shirtcovers. In fact he had never went sdeer hunting as a "event" he only went when some one was hungry, so he would share the meat and read the chem tails during dinner from the entrails. He had never gotton a waterleg permit, since he dont own a fire arm, why have a waterleg? - - - - - - and its like 8 years on prison planit for any feloncoly, to be in possession of a loaded waterleg, in most first world ferderations, the off world planit had strike nine practice,,, the one no one cares to visit, not at all like KAmerica. Seems the entire Halo system wanted to come to KAmerica, but being there already was lucky for the inhabitants, offspring, late colonist and the Duocolums, who had sailed here in a Spacevanawhite. fortunate for all, Getting the legal documents didnt matter, matter at all them that these days, to most off world visiters, just being in KAmerica was a blessing in any planiterra religion. Plantera played day and night from the speaker systems in every city and in every home. It was the only music allowed on the plan it - MountShredMore was a tourist attraction and brought many federation coins called KAmero's ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As the Selphalim grew in number, the people that live on the fringes of the colon e's and kicked out of the royal house of ChrisFarlymain, was force to steal sheep and russel cattle from the Gentry, and sell them back to them since they didnt drink cows milk naturally from the tete. The Selphelim Klaytreearch had once been a High Jestor of the palm and slapshtick double edged tougue method - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In the heat of planit KAmerica, you can fry an womans egg on your forhead said Vivia, with out quotation marks. Seeems her air arms had gotten tired, doing the universal hand signs language of the Duoculums. No one was allowed to talk unless they was "quoting" a Native KAmerican, and if you dont use quatations hand signs, it a code violation of the federation council of Ourthortittys. You may ask why Chrisfarlymains rejected the Selfalim? Seems the accusation had been a meer ethics violations for saying things, no one ever said, about matters - and tring to look taller than one is in person or in a pict oral, rather your act was mussely arm disterfee or not - this is a code violation 33-11-9-B52s - Lies had been abolished by the native KAmericans. Even to pretend your taller, could meen your sleeping privledges being revoked for a "uncertain" amount of time. This ment a in tandom dream minstral cycle. Imagine a dream of the sound of constant bitchery of 99 fine tuned tonguest, in the back ground of your waking life, coming from the dream world - -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Having your bare feet leveled once a week, was a requirement of the Twilight sector, as well as all sectors. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Everyone must be exactly how tall they are, minus dead skin or callouses. But for the selphelim, they had moist skingpours, almost could say oily skin n hair with a particular smell of fabrick softner - - - and would not allow animals in the doors, not in doors - no beast not one - the chalkies smelled like a cogdog lap gog when they was rainwet - Even the slaves who was considered "beasts" was not allowed in the compund - What was once the vision to float people had, become a total halo federation of floaters - we all can float to places in the clouds - Always between jobs, from planit to planit wearing jump suits and moon boots - training ancient robots how to speak Native KAmerican, Shortlonghand, Zaneish, Tot, Heohio, and Crainish - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Pat Beneatar Look had some how creeped through space and time and into the womans zines, so naturaly most non KAmerican, who are desended from planit spacebook - would copy the KAmerican look - The air systems financially pressurized fine, and you could smoke again if you could afford it, but the art of bumbing cigarettes and buble/chewing gum had also been abilished - no more grifting, no more trash, no more musical indoctrination net works, no more puniversitys preachers preaching preaching's, no more anything that manipulated a mind, no symbols and no law suits. Some had sued the federation for the right to abolish law suits. It passed quadrivium to 1 on the emry board of directors. The Sandblackers had also taken up in the frenges of KAmerica planit 42 - not allowd to say the word "asshorn" till after Jonnycashashanna rosh - then throw ten hell marys ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Selphlim was not slave nor beast, just wild and fallen from the house of Chrisfarlymain The Over Axagerator. All selphelim had wisom teeth when the rest of the world had theirs removed, but would he be allowed to enter the house of exstension Cords? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Turns out wisdom teeth r spose to be impacted according to the teachings of Walter Kronic Kite, the great prophet monger of the bullhorn cult vaginus. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Selphlim was the "root mario world race" and had akin to all race but was speacial in one way - the ability to break codes of silence. Steet performers and mucisan wanna be's was a thing of the past according new Zeppelin laws, but in the law of the bubble gum pop band guild, highly practiced and praised atribute to have to chew gum and play a Flertaphonesex at the same time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The selphalim would oftenwalk around blissing people with rubbing their belly and tapping their head at the same time and the street performers was in the way of the holy than thou selfelim. They was also allowed to "one up" everyone, no one could moch them or Plantera, the holy beats, righteous lyrics and head bangs, was better than hearing voices. people talk too much-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The holy horns of quarterbag began to ring and the entire planit stopped and lay prostrate facing mountthrashmor - "Tunes" started to play, faded in slowly as the selphelim walked arounf switch rubbing their heads, tapping belly, tapping head, rubbing belly, over and over, tapping rubbing in a chaotic no formation with no patterns trying not to step on the rest of the world as they lay assup prosterate for the selphalim But the cock would not crow a doodle doo

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