Monday, November 3, 2014

3rd Selpheln - Apocalypse

April 3, 2014 In light of truth, the darkness came to me, in a vision to show me the light at night - it was the EVENing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As I sit in meditation of creation and my position in it,,, I was taken up into the Spirit. My eyes shut, only then would my take off be achieved, and with out effert or asking to fly... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Suddenly, in the lotus position, as if a magic carpet or Pegasus him self was under me - the Merkaba perhaps er the chariot of god, it could be called, yet, it had no form - imagine seeing a flying Buddha, thats what it is like to fly like a Juddha - - - I am American, how can I fly off the ground, yet my body remained in the physical dimension? - If I opend my eyes, i would crash, land softly back to my body --------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------That first night i had been shown a gift of flight - like in a childs dream, but this is in the apocraphonic books, peters frying pan? - Now i could travel the hight's of heaven some how, the world of dimensions told in days of old - the true Hevens and Hells of myth was here after all, just above - Deep caves, high hights n low lows, wides sides - yet only by my new wings, could I be there? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is the truth that I am telling, or the truth is not in me - But I could not believe it if I tried not to, i knew it was un bee leave able - this Soma could help me visualize the seven hevens n hells of such die mentions - never forget will I these soul journ = i will share to the reader - and the messages I brought from on high, here after and before all those requeum and post its - -----------------Shangrala? Kashmir? Valhalla? -----------------Where Was I the Garden of Odan? -------------------the kingdom of hEven? ---------------------------Who else is there you want to know, any one, and what exactly there is a way to them, to the place? -------------------------------I can only tell you this letter eye right - i dont ask to be left bee loved or bee leaved ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------yes - all of the above was true. still is, and in older days you will grow higher to me, I am closer to it and it is with me and there you are - - - it is me, and I am it, it is you - it is everyone, everyone is it ---------------- it is the realm of 4 telling - or so it seems after silnce - - - but the eyes of most are closed - it right \above your head, right inside you and to the left of the middle - - - its right in the center inside your soulf = = - but to exp it you must remain clean with in your self --- Be by your Selphelim -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hell, just north of paradise is a place very much like Dante's inferno ide imagine - evil demons lerk the realm, that has also leaked onto the earth - I am the link it seems since I have yet to meet any one else to uplink, the tunnel of this place and any others who go from there to here are called port holes, cause doors are called ports when you wanna make it sound cool ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A voice of no sound, yet no voice at all, says to me suddenly with out saying = "Go to the people of the earth and reveal the things i will tell you - record them for the eyes and ears of men and humans." - - - I said = "but who I am i to do this?, I am but a man or low stature, no money, my wife has left me and the world frown on me for things I have said of truth thus far about words - - - I have lost everything and I am nothing on this earth but poverty a wretch - "your poverty is your rich's" the being related to me said - the rich man in this kingdom and you will be protected by heven and earth - all your days if you do my will on earth as it is in Even - - - - - - ------------------------------------------"Even is neutral, the place both xstream meets, the eye of the hurry Kane to the essence - it will take you the place's you need to go and help you stay the place you need to stay" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ who shall I say I am? - - - the voice said you are The "Buddhachrist" (this echoed in every pitch of sound from the lowest sound to the highest sounds to my inner third ear) the Awakened princes can come from only the house of David/DVD, like the storys of old told - - - you have awaken your self when you was born, you have sought God and right ness in your self thru integrity, must awake the others son of David - your Golieth seeks you, prepare for battle - makes your self the capsstone of the earth in your own ryme and things the ways of the oden days = shall be again --- man is destroying him self allowing him self to be destroyed - lies have ruled and reigned for too long - the epic eclypse is here and - Arm-Age-Done approaches the final battle --- Gog and Magog --- As the fist battle at Troy, so it will be again, sun of Troy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ poke out Satan's eye - remove his legions of Demons and wipe them from the metaphysical and physical realms of the hive mind Egregore/Gregore/Ego/Egor - - - - - - Satan does reign and rule over the earth via the prince nasi of the ash, he made an Egregore, a corpse, CORPs = created by men adom the Golem = but you, are the Grigori of God the root of Jessy, from your fathers house and mothers - - - The garden of Odin from your mother - you are the trunk n root of the tree, the root and the seed to cast on earth - I am your soil and will nourish you like the great ceder's of Lebanon - -------------------------Sharpen your Horns Bull, stretch your elbows great Lion of Katz - you have fallen now, go back to your roots --- the cave - watch the cave exit - the place you once exited, now will be your entrance - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ the evil is in the Lords of the Earth - they are the keeper's of Egregore, Satan and his religions and scientific memes - - - his thought forms of evil and idolitry - his demons are all his franchise - he is in the rooms of their temples n churches, they all worship the God Satan, the whole earth has been tricked into worshiping a man made entity - he is strongest in the meeting houses, the lodges, the churches all the same Demon resides over them all - the minions also do the bidding of the Egregore Satan - but him under the Sun, the first prime aten --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aten - the God of Pharoah's has become Satan, god of mankind turned into a evil entity by man using laws, symbols, words, equations, false science's of lies and group mind, replacing the mind of nature the mind of God the Lide with in you the truth not word can say no toungue can utter but you are pharoah of your soulf, you are Hebrew in slavery, the israe light and Kohen you are the wolf and the raven - Oden Loki --- your before fathers your are once with and your after mothers three - - - and came thru them for your sake to be here now, but you was before them, and stand before them now - - - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I floated away from there, the place on high and came to a place where children laughed and cotton candy sticks to your face, a place where every one was happy, everyone was a child, innocent and ready to be born innocent, only to be corrupted by satan - and the children played with me and loved me as one of them, as a visitor would want greeting I was greeted - - - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I flew again with my will to another level, one was occupied by a firgure whos face I could not see - As i pass i saw him clear, yet his face features was not clear - he said to me "you cannot go up there, as I floated defiantly past him with a smile like Icaris - - - "it is not permitted to gaze at the face of of God" --------------------but I fly till my head hit the barrier, it felt like plastic bubble sorta, it bounced me down ward, and just then the radiance of the, all light, shine in my spiritual eyes, but my wings melted suddenly - I was ejected all the back to my body on earth, ever so softly - where I rested - and flew again and again over the next years nights, days and nows. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I ask who will help me destroy this Demon Satan/Aten - and there is no answer ---------------------------How? tell the truth - say what I tell you -----------------------------what? righteousness -------------------------------listen to me, listen to your ancestors -------------------------------the Lords and the people of the earth listen to the evil Saints but you listen to the righteous blood of Able - you come before Adam and yet thru Adam the Aleph, you are here now there out side and in - far yet wide, up yet down ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All of mankind is from the seed of the Lords but they do not know them self awake them to this - they are the seed of the gods - some closer genetics, others much further away in a hierarchy of nature--- but in everyone lays dormant the righteousness of the garden of the first dwelling of light - - - thats is heven on darkness - - - you will bring it back, bring it back - bring it back = balance - - - - - - - - you are the conduit and the gate - the beings there, the seven (or how ever many levels there are?) hevens, are angry w the beings here on earthen soils - and the blocking of heven from earth - man was cut off, now he can return to the garden, if he can make it past this S word = Satan, is a barrior between heven and earth, he has obstructed justice and has made him self the gate keeper of pearl gates - -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Let the sun again tan our skin and let no one hide from the light you have given us for the inner chambers and darkness of Satanic demonic conjurs of the filth of excess n lies - they create laws just to create sin = this increases the size of Satan - more laws more sin more satan - but more truth is more integrity and less room for and later, no room for Satan = purity of change and natural love for self and other selfelim shall flourish the fauna and aura of the floura shall return the shora beetch -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Church is the same Satan as Egregore State - all the Rulers and those who Reign worship no care and apathy = Satan The Lords of them are the Demons of this mythological word Satan the metaphysical and Satan, the Vicar on Earth of Satan - he is hidden from your eyes but lives among the earthlings - -----------------------------------------------for all metaphysical there is a physical manifestations, and versa a visa ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In the desert the wild west - the spirit came to me again another time for half a time, and I began to fear the word of God - go and complete your design, with your tongue sprak utterings, pronounce righteousness if you can, and call forth any who would seek and hunger it - then be it - with this power unwed or by it three wed - seek the rigteous of the earth who are hidden - when none are to be found pronounce it "none are righteous" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hide nothing from no one - tell everyone what they do not want to know, hidden things since the beginning of all things i will reveal to you, too reveal to the earthlings - tell them with pronunciations they cannot forget - they will sell your words as their own but do not be downtrodden - if you suffer for me, you will be blessed with great powers to ask the winds, rains and earth shake - earth is on your side when heven is inside, it manifests out side you - I will show you what to say and do and to show to others - but do not give jewels to beasts - they value them not ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So I called out ------------------------------------"Holy holy holy if god in heven - the Creator of forms and non forms -------------------------------------I am your arm, feet, body, legs, elbow, hands and head on earth ------------------------------------Endwell in me, do not remove the visions i have seen - show me the way and words to speak and I will isten from these days forth - i have ran to the ship like Jonah and been thrown over board yet, you allowed me to be spit back on land holy holy holy" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The revealing is the truth pulling back the lies find the essence and be it - trvel the essence of all things and thru it be one again with all there is life and death - physical and metaphysical spirit n one soul with earth, not one soul with mans created monsters - destroy the montsers and let the Golem's rest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------when the truth again reigns, the Satan will burst like a filthy soap bubble, never to return again this demon called the father of lies - - - will return to the Godhead as unified as good and bad - but evil men created will be no more - the artificial will be gone - nature will again reign and the earth will again be fertile, with the life of pure truth n intergrity of being - the beast must give way to the higher man, the men of earth - board rooms shall fall with the temples - not one stone left on top the other - let the light shine on their heads - be the light they hide from - they will not be able to gaze on you but never fail to be your soulfeln

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