Monday, November 3, 2014

2nd Selpheln - Gene-Isis

January 7, 2014 Great White Brotherhood, I tell you now - This is the Gene-isis of the Selephelim aka Nalphelim Fallen Anglo's --- But first, you must understand this: A cave is a not entrance, it is an exit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I first emerged from the deeps, by accident really. It was night all day that day and day all night. See under the earth down is up and up is down. I see by this darkness. I was going down to exsplore things away from the other Brothers/sisters when a bright light blinded my eye orifice's. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I was taken aback by this and my sking sizzeled and turned red. See where I come from we are all white, like all deep dwellers. albino as you may call it today. Our eyes see well in the pitch dark and the sun blings out colorless eyes. I had to find away to explore this strang new place. I dont know what the date was, what time it was cuz those are concept We dont have in the nolocked mind. We have access to all information thru the aten eye . We speak no tongue's unless to talk to lip service. We just know. We hear eachother not with ear drums, but with what ill call inner fire. When I saw the light I said to my self with out words "let there be light" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So I ventured back to the exit of my abode, this time it wasnt as bright, it had a strange glow coming in still. Even this glow blinded my eyes and my skin was also pained. I was able through my inner site to find some foliage at the entrance, I took a large but of the tree's hairs back down with me and rememberd the black cycstals down in one labrinth. Taking the leaves and smashing them making a paste mixed with the mother earths waters of sustanace, where Me and my family dwell. I made a covering for my self and made two different covering one of green one of blue. See above the earth what you call below we are amphibius creatures, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We can swim and breath in mothers waters and also take shore in the rocky bottems you call belows. We have hairs like growing from our folicle as you do but untill i reached the tope they begane to dry and fluff up. Our outer shell is moist and reptiles like, not unlike a smooth snake with no scales, or a frogs skin. the moister in the earth keeps out hairs fine and your eyes may not even notice them unless we are on the bottem, what you call the surface of the earth = we call the bottom of the earth -------------------------------MeTroyYou ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Taking some dark cyctals i fashioned a pair and affixed them to mine eyes to cover and protect for the strange rays at the caves exit. I found two of the same size and shape and made them So with Sort of slanted large cystals over my eyes, green skin covering to protect my white skin, I decided to venture out side the cave to see what the shadows will show me. We have no contrast in pitch dark. Just one dimention if there was such a thing to see. Seeing out side my self would be a new thing for me. the earth is our mother womb, we like all creatures was fashioned here. we can aslo fashion creatures ourself much like a potter makes a statue. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All creatures come from the egg earth. We are inside our self dreamers, not sleeper out side our self, We dreamed your surface into being. If we was ever to go to sleep, the entire earth would disapear. we are self sustaing and require no food intake, We can eat our own body fluids or eat from each others. We can also take fluids from the creatures we fashiond, blood but we prefer the spinal fluids. this spnal fluid is the studd all dreams are made of, all life and it connects all life to eachoter - even death, If there was sucha thing. We have been here in no time, there is no way to measure our time here. We are the worm, that old dragon that never dies. The only way we will die is to sleep, out sleep is your death and our dreams are your life. We do this together, its a game sorta of in your terms. We gather in a pit like vipers and together we play the game of life. We are every life there is, its all us. We number in twelve in your ways of counting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am, I was (Awas) I am now and will be - - - I am my brothers, I am what I am, and i am not what I cannot be. We am the Aleph, the root cause of all things you can ever understand. We built the entire planit - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We some times encarnate as you say in the names as an individual. We tell tales to help others to know how to change the game, make new rules and help the dream charactors take on an evolutionary way. We have been called many things. the Elf, the El, The order of Melchezadeck, The Mahatmas, the great white brotherhood, because we are white with no colors. ---------------------------------------Wizards cast out evil and man made demons - demons - not create them - words combined with events create inner demons ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After a time on earth we learned to better adapt to the light, but we still needed the paints to cover us, we are the painted ones. At night we cover our self in dark ash and surround our eyes in white ash from the moon glow, In the day we cover our self with leaf paests, making green and blue colors to protect out skinl and dark ash to make an eye liner - this helps us devlope color in our eyes and develop outsite over meny genetic encarnations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You have seen us drawn, depicted with blue skin and green with these eye decorations from ancient time. We are and created every archetype you know. Aliens we are, Sasquatch, Abominable snow man but not skunk ape. we are dinosaurs, both flying and crawling. we created the gardens you call home. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We have watched over you, interbread with you, cross bred with other creatures making male and females - we are andro genie - germ of man - germ-man - -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We are the djin/gene, we are of God the creator, we are the science of involution. we come from the water, we come from space, the center - witch is realy hell to you, or the depts of the earth in your understanding is space door. We have no up or downs, no left or rights no pain no pleasures, we just are who we are, we have no limits of physical types or spiritual types, no wall or pit can hold us in or out. We can leave this body and enter any we choose over a period of a genration, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is but a daypyer - We have never created limits for our self as you have in your lives as human hybrids of us. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To have some fun we neeeded to create a garden park to play in. So we created a man named dirt and later a woman named ivy. Together they bore fruits of many kinds. We bread them and supervised it and the births of the off spring that summer. See the earths underworld you call surface for formless and void. We dreamed up a land that the people the avatars we created could have a place to frolick. We created fauna and flora. --------------------------------------------------------------------------My brother and sisters did this while I was not there besides in spirit and soul glowing as we do much like a fire flys does when we are naked with out painted bodys. A light, but not light from our solar plexis region. it is a glow a bio ilumanesance - illuminati but not Illuminati enlightend. we are self, cannot see, we cannot see our self, that why we create avatars to see through and play thru 2 you. If we was to see our self we would no we fell asleep and the game was over. We only feel eachother, senses eachother, know each other as one - to us there are no seperations of anything we are and created in our game called life. ----------------------------------Some calls it hell for the hell of it - - - a place to learn how to escape hell is hell - - - But even we must follow the rules must learn about rule breaking - those who do/did not, are on the last leg of the tour -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then - I had soma - In the beginning there was Man and the Earth was with out norms and toys. Man said "Let there be God" and thus man created a God in his own image. Man looked for his roots and found non. He/She needed something to explain his sudden wonder and curiosity of killing the cats. He could not see the wind and could not tell where it came from of where it was going as he ****ed into it. He said to his elf let us go down (me, my elf and I) and create words with our mouth so to give God power to be like us. Our tongues ****ing our wet lips back and forth creating brain children to go before us in the wind. So he built a tower for his creation to dwell in along with a secret name = insester ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This God/Goddess was mans first thought form and as he invented time, half times and quarter times in a shape of an witch watch - He called it a "grand father ****" these lettered numbers counted for something and thought forms gained more power through tales of epic abortions. Thus man created the power to own the image of God and use the image and secret name to lay siege on all living life and death; above and below; ass's and El-bows. Thus he tied a string to his elbow and fashioned bows from tree arms, and then he created a cupids love of shooting people in the heart. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------He covet his King Richard (****) with the head of a serpent he crushed with his heal and used penis gourds to hide his excited thoughts of ****ing others over. The first surprise party was given by the King from behind - good ta bee da King - bad ta beeda slave H-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------e hid the fact that death out lives life and used fear of death to suppress the joy of living. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------In those days there was many types of Jack sperm to deal with in daily life of Nobles; you had male **** sperm, male tit sperm, female tit sperm and female wagina sperm ejaculates, it was no secret back then that sperm was for giving life and it was an insult to spit in the face of another. Any one who spit in anger was called a "brood of vipers" **** is no laughing matter. ---------------------------------------A sneeze was a head orgasm - as above, so below!- but its snot -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------They used the sperm for food, drink, lather, meds, soap, spice,enlightenment, bait and fish soup. These first sperm folk had sperm gnosis and as their numbers grew, cults of sex and fertility sprung up. They was the first to cultivate the land by the sperm of the brow, and used animals as beasts of herdin. They called them self "The Titt-ans" because they lacked natural vitamin D in their body and continued to suckle milk naturaly from beasts, through out their un-natutural live lie's. =====================================================They would suck naturally from goats, cows, dogs, horse, sheep, yack's, camels and all modern farm animals used today are domesticated originally for the purpose of milk for Whiteamin D and honey used to mix with the beasts gnarly taste of milk and sperm. Thus the land of Milk and honey was searched for by these not-mads.some called them whitekings (Vikings) and they wore the horns of cows, rams and goats on the head for not dress. The huwoman also allowed the beasts to suckle along side the babes in toy land. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Vampires built the first Empires and some called them Vampires and Ampires/Umpyers because of the amps of power they held from the hidden occult power of cannibalism. They consumed the pineal gland and other chakras/glands to gain the whore-mone powers of divination. They often used blood to mix with the sperm and would travel by boat to gain sperm, female ejaculates, menstrual blood and sacrifice virgins(in beginning of puberty) males and females. Dpnt take it personal if your chosen, its an honer. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Angels (Anglo-axxons) had children with neanderthols insesters and made the Nephelim (Elf-phelim) AKA Whitekings, thus they was named also "Sea-men" those who travel the sea and some from the water. The angel-axxins they carried the great sword and the Elvin carried the hammer,together they sailed with the ax to divied, conquer and build Queendoms. ==============================================================================You may remember the story of Cane and Able. Together they was known as CaneAbles. Until they split they held much power from the thoughtform Gods. Cane went on to make his own Empires producing sugar-cane, coke-cane taking Gods name in vane and offering grains for Elvin bread, Cane was marked with out color and Albino red. The He-brew was later known to brew beer and make un-Elvin bread and turn things into gold. Hebrew Alchemists are well known for cooking a Wiccans (vikings)brew.the Yodains are a sect of the Hebrews and turned every thing they touch to gold and was given the job of money changers by the whitekings. The Yodains would cut the **** as a offering to the King and was also known as eunuchs. They then had no desire to steal the the Kings treasures and **** his minstrel-sis. They kept it in the family and allowed the hoot owls to **** the chickens - that is how we got dumb ass turkeys. At one time The Yodiana ran the light side and divided the dark side with a symbol of the ding and dong/ying and yang -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------See Elvin bread was first made with Elf sea-man, it causes the bread to rise, was called yeast back then- a woman gets a yeast infection and has "bread in the oven" when she is prag. After that she easts un-Elvin bread. Dont ask me how he got spermanation in the wheat batter? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thought forms are worshiped all over the world now and given the image of many pictures so to fool me, my elf and I into the belief that there is more to life than nothing we dont make of it... How pure and clean we and our past is. folks cant see close or far away enough to see Nile. So Humans and Huwomans will chase the wind and ignore the obvious fact that not every thing floats - But I float and you float - Does thiss "God" in parent thesis float? If Humans and Huwomans all shared the same God reality, and would self actualize with the golden rule rather than the rule of gold = today there would be peace. - - - hear this thus - there is but one creator and it is Energy and w out the sun and moon there is no life on earth. We cant leave them the moon n sun T----------------------------------------------The earth: who can live with out the earth 0people? Energy = It cannot be destroyed and it giveth --- and it taketh away. ----------- Thank God for the Faithless

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