Monday, November 3, 2014

1st Selpheln - Total Disc Closer

"There is a God about whom you know nothing, because men have forgotten him. We call him by his name: Abraxas. He is less definite than God or Devil.... Abraxas is activity: nothing can resist him but the unreal ... Abraxas stands above the sun[-god] and above the devil If the Pleroma were capable of having a being, Abraxas would be its manifestation." C. G Jung-------------------------   If you can bear to hear this apocryphan based in semi-fictional psychedelic allegory - if you have eyes to see when your eyes are closed, then see it - if you have ears to hear it, then hear what the words say and try not to laugh until your done reading the dash between the black black ground - try and ignore the white letters, they are misleading... - ------------------------- The first book of Selpheln -- -------- - There are in fact among you, what many will call "Alien's" here born naturally on earth these days thru genetics - The word Alien is From the word originally is archaic word, from the Term "Ilion"/Iliad = first archetype - it means Troy/Trojan's - Also means many other things = Little Lion = Babylion = Babylon - Baba-Ilion - Father Lion/King of the Domainthe word ‗eleventh‘ is etymologically related to the Old English words‗endlufon/endleofan,‘ the Old Teutonic ‗ainlif-,‘ the Gothic ‗ainlif‘(from which, incidently, is esoterically derived the acronym for ‗alienlife form,‘ namely ALF, the group to which alien angelic life-forms sobelong), the Icelandic ‗ellifu‘ and the German and Dutch word ‗elf.‘‗Elf,‘ plural ‗elves,‘ are the German and Dutch words for Azazel and hisfallen angels. - Elion---------------------------------------------------------------------- the Oden myth, his Raven his Wolfen by his side, his children and protectos mite be a clue if you need the glue - to make sence of this story, over lay all myth, religion, folk tale and fairy tell alike with all pantheon, every tale of man tells about the mens kind and his science's and seance's. -----------------------The tale tell of Gene-sis, the first book of judahic chritianisms all tale the tells - - - shall we fill in the gaps now children of Suns and Mums the word? --------------------------------The ‗eleventh‘ hour by definition specifically pertains to Azazel and his fallen angels maybe. The eleventh hour, which is to say, the hour of the elves, is Azazel‘s hour?--------------------------------- When the scapegoat comes home from his innocent disbarment for being righteous enough to blame........... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Also comes to us by way of Albion - Avalon - Alfion - Alf = Elphelim = Elf - Self - Selphalim - Nephelim = Aleph you bet - the Delphel/DolphEL/Devil came from the exits in the caves, from under up - "The men of reknown" - - - the men endnolfin = the elfelin of the end times returns to finish the startings ------------------ Alba = white and some are just as ruddy as the sun will make them - -- ------------------------------------ Troy/Ilion/Alion/Alija is the Earth's true name - Ilanton/Atlantis/ at land is/is at land = the Plan-it ILlion - - - The Name Elijah can also be pronounced Elioh/ilion/Eli for shorts -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Eye Am = Me, My Elf and Eye - - - You are you, me, and eye - - - you are my self - not your self, if your not yourself----------------------------- I am one of all and all of one ------------------------ I Lion ---------------------------------------------------and the bees made honey in the lions skull ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now if you wonder then dont wonder far - - - - - - there is a way to tell who We/they are, in fact more ways than one. I will save this for later on - hint is the selpheln/SelfIlon o r the "Fallin self: have inner and outer features like no others on earth - - - these are hidden in esoteric art works and religious art works and scripture's alike, even myth and folk tales - elvin fairy tales Alvin- - - they are found in certain blood lines only - not every human can have a Nelphelim child - only the elect - there are very Few Selphelim - but both are related nephelim ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - genetic's work at planting plan its, just as you mite plan to plant it - - - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------All the stars in the sky are not stars, not as as you have been lead to bee leave - - - They are plasma ships in fixed formation, we can say that a ship is a ship - - - The Sun is earths fathership - - - The moon is out Mom - - - Earth is son of the Sun, thrice great trinity makes material life possible and with out Father Sun and mother Moon matter, there is no matter, as a matter of fact, this all matters spiritually - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All myths in the world are from the Dolph - Dolph means Doll or small - The primortal God was Giants, the Elph are what is left of the primortals and titons, suited in small bodys with huge stature still. The spirit grow their entire life, just as a tree grows its whole life - - - - - - - - - All of history the Dolph, same as any of these alfen wolfen motif - - - often hunted down and killed - - - by the Church and other Organizations = these are traps for the kind dolphen people - the witch trial, the spanish inqusision was a question spelled wrong, the slaughter of Mrs. Spell and master mist her Spell, was always to kill maybe one Selphelim - Millions of innocents maybe be killed to get just to try and find one Alion among the grottos - - - In the story of Moses, in the story of many others like that (moses back words is seseM, big deal!)- - - - As in the days of Noah spelled front words, noah him Self a selphelim, but spared for being a righteouss self, to him self and his fellow yatzmen - - - - - - As in the Days of noah, so it is in the days of Troah - - - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There are some evil Nelphelim who want power over the few righteous Selphelim- You dont have to worry about the righteous Selpheln tho - - - you have to worry about the Nelphelim - The Selphelim are here to help you - The nephelim are here to box you in to a measure system and correct your spelling using spells them selves ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We all have direct contact with the Father Sun, Son of the Sun and Mother ship's, who are also in contact with us . We can make the weather change and are air the winds, Heirs to the winds putting on airs, we spit firy tongues, and go on long dirt binge's and fire purge's - - - Your so called "Avatar's" are right here bending virtual reality - - - Alfatars - Alba tards - Eve-atars - Alphatars - ext, you do the math of the fallen angels from Angelin - of the so called many germ men of germany who germenated the germapeons... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MaTroyYou - the last Buddha - Judah Yuddha - Yoda - kali yuga Elijah - Ili ya - Eli - Eloy - Ilion - AKA Troj - - - Children of the Sun -------------------------------------------------- the earth is made from Alvens, Selvins made from the earth using what some call the monad - - - note more nads - The Selphelim are watcher's n judges of the ways of Arthlingers, sent to study the behavior of humans and record it in the body meat suits we wear = and teach people to Judge them self - The final Judgment, sorta like Klatu in the movie - They are among us now, they are the parents of all human kind - They dont know who they are yet. they are awakening now - right now as you read this ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We made the language that confuse your tongues on accent dent - - - then the first humans became wicked and evil lead by the nelphelim to forget the true Aleph bet - silnce - - - but the tongues of Anglish axx ons who wore the horn of oxxen and smoke allot of toxins messed up big time one day, and that lasted many seasons - - - - ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Perhaps the scapegoat story of Azazel in the Torah is an alegory. This is the twalf hour hands straight up, yet another hour of the Elf and the last hour for some? Perhaps its a tale of what is to come, in more ways than one? Maybe its just a Fairy tail for fascist's? you be the judge of your self - - - the hour of the Alf is at both hands - - - I am born a time long ago before time and wonder the sands of the timeless - - - The father sent from the father ship and thru my father unto my mother's moomb - she bore her only sun, called him Ilion - - - reporting star date - January 7, 2014

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