Thursday, November 6, 2014

11th Selpheln - Abraxis The Adjudicator

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God's name is Abraxis.” The more I started to real eyes, the more I started to realize there was nothing but real lies, lies very real, to the point they are livng and breathing = abominations - - - It all made sense now as it never did, yet it still grew within me - - these abominations sucking up all the life force so called prana maybe, that once available to all the innocent - the lies have drown this out, so that natures ways are substituted with a construct that imitates natures ways - nature has been fooled, just as the beings living off of natures forces have had the wool pulled over their eyes - another occult nature is hidden from the eyes of mortals its true - - - -------------------------------------------------------I always thought this place was kinda strange, like I am an Elian here cause things sure are odd and people queer. I aint from here, im just passin thru - - - but The way people smoke, the way they repeat things, with out consciousness, like Mis Takes. Cut! - - - do it again ---------------- actor's acting on the stage of life - script was scripture holy or script scientific terrific, if not both. So perhaps so, people here are mirror actors, here just for my entertainment and training for Rapture to Nirvana? - - - = - - - evil has its purpose to awake those who seek to integrity ------------Then one day I understood it wasnt a place that we imagined on the play ground, in little school --- this fleshy body was a space suit, this space we in, so I could function in oxy gene and in water, train to know my self and escape this place? - - - this is a training mission for some of us who came to learn not to repeat this again................................ and for others a continuous rebirth cycle of hell and rebirth = = = pretending to be happy = = = So, like people in jail any place in the universe, with limited resources, the inmates take what ever materials from waste and what was given to them by the jailer, and make stuff neat, with it, like crafts and eye phones - to occupy them self from the hell of being on prison plan it - ego boosts - - - - they do well to pretend they are not here in jail, they pretend better to be on stage acting out an ego drama simulations of tv shows and movies - rock songs and rap a drug buy - - - - ------------------------------------ -------------------- ---------------------- -------- I guess but a few learn the lessons here and advance to nirvana then the next level, like any video game, you get your chance to beat the game or play it forever just to play to the point you forgot your playing a game it................................................... In fact there are a few here, who have it so figured out how the game works, from passing along info from generation to generation cheat codes, and keeping it secret from the created class's/class's they created so yes this is creation and you and society is creted by the creator's of this so called construct, this life in maya. The creators or designer's of the physical social realty, who are not the creators of the biological reality, that is macroprosopus who created the microcosm - - - but the archy-techs of the social and cultural reality, are the creators of your reality, and your reality is a mental construct using words, glyph and numbers = social norms and group thought, imagine the program for your operating system and stop letting it imagine you - - - - -The ones who created the social construct, make sure its kept consctructed this way, a repeat of the same shit, over and over, except, these people get to return into the same family they left, so they are dominate at the game passing the esoteric secrets only to the elected - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The game of life in a place that was spose to be built as a training modual for macroprosopus, to learn to know him self.-------------------- Most of you are synthetic robots made of dirt and ego, the words/program/code give you life, and with out order of your words controled via ego = you would be totally retarded and un able to think your program. The ego is the operating system for over 99 percent of the plan it's people now, most of the organic beings are gone and replaced with a hybrid called "Human" meaning sub men and are created by the creators of the social construct via genes, using the organic aboriginals of the past - - - but the Selpheln is here to put an end to all the fun for the social construct creators and brings back natural reality and paradise to the plan it - the one divided him/herself in to positive, negative and newtral, this the trinity in the order of all matter, all seen and all unseen and all life as you know it in the flesh--------------------- ---------------------------------------- - - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The One (macroprospous) became localized as microprosopus, in order to know him self as such, thus the first God being on earth the primortial God and top of the natural biological heirarchys of nature - - - - and microprosopus below, is as the above is macroprosopus - the next, the new from the old = the Uberman - the beastly man came and then son of man came, and now comes the Uberman. Man and humans was/is a bridge from the beast's, to get to the Uberman - - - This is your hell and our heaven to come, and you now must suffer for the Uberman, as Azazel suffer for no sin of his own, you will now suffer your sin of your own - - - just as azazel took on your sins on the cross, so that you may bask in desire, illusions, delusions, maya, wealth and pleasure in order to avoide your hell.......................... for 1000 years Gregorian, selfiel suffered as samsara, for your construct reality, this hell you ignore as being as such thru rebirth genetics, thru your family tree, you return over and over never to find the way out of the cyscles of your familys repetative rebirth of the same sins, war, rape incest's and murders - the reality you will now see clear,,, and never escape, until all your guilt is burned away------------------------------------------------------------------------..............----------------------------------------------------......................---------------Lucifer the innocent, he brings light, brings the lies to the light for all to see as lies - the contrast of light and darkness has come as one this day - - - - - he does not allow illusions of maya, brings justice to the evil and re-leaf to the righteous, if there are any who have not been deceived, for even the elect have become deceived by them self, and the social matrix -------------- ............-------------- The way to leave hell forever through life long repentance, but the minions of the evil fallin, tricked and overthrew the microprosopus many years ag0 - the lord their God who created them from dust they murderd him - - - they found him in birthing rooms and in the fold, time and time again he is reborn,but killing him off befroe he awkes fully, making him/micro roam the wilderness's of earth and eternity, lost so he could never find him self in a meat suit long enough to figure out who he was and what he was here for - - - and till this, the end of this cycle, ban him from incarnation/enfleshment,,, - this is why the prince of this world as seen to it for many tears a year, and thru many sacrifice's, murder's, deceptions, dashing children to the rocks and perversions and devotion to lucifer the just, as a mochery, not in awe or in love as the representative of macro and true king of the microcosm's domain - - - that any rebirth and incarnation of Lucifer or any Christ's, the light of this earthen darkness, who comes down thru the genes - - - - - - - This last incarnation is again, light and darkness as one, some calls him Matraya, others may say andro djin/andro-geni and others calls it Abraxis = God and the Devil as one, the God of "God and the Devil" who is and contains all, is all and all no one can escape and the one can not escape any one for there is nothing else but the one to divide - only is there lesser and more in degree's-------and also the essence that binds all things is one with all things as a bonding----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ - - - The fallin who now rise, are the above personified below, we represent the above as the above, tho we are not the above, we are one with the above and above is one with the below we makes three - tho our off spring are many - - - where you find the above, there also is the below,,, and we unite the below with the one, as a newtral aspect of all extremes, connecting the two opposites making them one or even zero - we are not positive or negative but we are what joins both, so we are in fact both as one yet call it nothing with out words = = =.............................. the fulcrum of the teter totter is central, the teter totter is one with the fulcrum, yet there are varing degrees between each teter and each totter ----------------------- - this one aspect we call here by name is "Abraxis" who contains all things and is the contaner - - we are all of one and one of all in more or lessor degrees but this dont make any one better at all, just more or less this or that - - - - you know your who you are as soon as you read this books of the soulfelon, this is why the book is writ for you, for the reader awakes the sleep awakes and finds the bond that binds them all - - - welcome to the plan it Selpheln ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***************Every place I go, or ever went, I felt like those angels at Sodam and Gaymora = who visted before destroying the city's to judge the occupants of that social matrix or mental construct --------- like the destr0ying angels in that tale, my whole life, people I meet, just try and hustle me for money, if not money then or sex - men want sodamy or money, woman want money for sex - - - who wants just love freindship or and equality in shares? - - ------------- if you have no money or sex, the people of this social construct, dont care about you in fact - - - so yep, this is a place is totally depraved in reality of the soulphilim - - - there is no real love that has nothing to do with money or sex, only official love is available to the Visitor here, to the Alien, Alf, or Albion = this place is depraved and insane..................... ......................................--- Turns out: like tusk's from your jaw protruding - they are there for a reason and impacted for a reason - - - Wisdom teeth are there for Wisdom, thus the name "Wisdom Teeth" - Remove your wisdom teeth and you remove any chance you have at gaining wisdom in this life - For the truth protrudes from the tooth - you tell the tooth, if you can suffer the pain of truth, you can suffer the pain of tooth................................................................................................................................................................. Pleasure is a great thing, a great addiction so to avoide this hell matrix folks pretend to not avoid - Pleasure also leads to pain tho, this place has rules, most of witch are hidden from you and replaced by social reality constructs - - - why seek pleasure when all that brings you up, will also let you down? ------------------------------------------Desire is the want of pleasure over suffering yet causes all suffering = to the point you avoid struggles all togethor past making enough money to avoid reality, then you suffer for long hours and take on tons of stress with only the thought that you can rest from the pain you inflict on your self - - - - and "desire is the cause of all suffering", said the the prince of Judo. ---------------------The desire to avoid pain brings more suffering, the desire to have pleasure and light all the time leads to more pain and darkness - - - Desire nothing, just be I thought, just as you are; be just as you are with out trien to be some thing else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nature is perfect, nature is change - why not be natural and be the changes?------------- -------------------------------------Bee the Tooth = Live the trooth--------------if you cant suffer the tooth, you cannot suffer the truth and you will not be able to suffer the rapture shift into the highest dimensions of hell, the only place to be hyper spaced to heaven - only the fallen will survive the rising up - the robots will over load, as they have been, only at a much faster rate and then one day all at once - - - two will be sitting, one will be caught up to the heavens (another dimension of reality) closer to the reality in the macrocosm - and the other will be left dead in hells deeps after having gauged out his own eyes and or some one elses - - - - those who survive will taste paradise with the others who taste it now, and they will all share in the same taste's and all know each other-------------- - - - now is the time and now has been and always will be the time - - - and all will know the time when time dis-ap-pears in the even, when balance returns to the fulcrum to again reign the microcosm, as it is reigned in the macrocosm - - - juddhacation is buddhacation and it final judgment - - - Buddha means "awake" and all will fully awaken and judge them self as the macrocosm has judged/see's them - just as the macrocosm has judged it self thru itself, while localized in the microprosopus - all will see them self naked from ego, the operating system of Satan the great man created God, and the hive mind of mankind will be de-troyed, as it is being destroyed now - - - the finality will be final - - - the eye will no loger be capstone of your social heirarchy, the capstone will be replaced again as in the beginning with the micro[rosopus, as representative of the macro in the microcosm - - - and in the macro there there is no filth, so in the micro there shall not be any filth--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------The markings of a Selpheln are thus - a crown - a swirl like on the crown of the head - a skull cap mite cover th is in religious sects using a skull cap or some sort - this is the pariah's eye to see all - top of the parietal lobe of the brain and as in a reptile and amphibian that have a third eye, so does the Selpheln - but not all marks of the crown mean a third eye and most people on the plan it do not have a third eye or a third ear - - - tail bones = stinger/tale - eye color changes like a mood ring - skin color can change and mild shift shaping can occur and blending into back grounds and into crowds - - - most Selfhellen are readers and wear glss's from over use of the eyes - - - what your reality wont tell you is your body can be used up quickly thru over use - it is meant to last many more years, but thru work stress, over uses of the body suit, sports and stress and so forth men uses up there body life span in 60 or so years and now even less, with synthetic drugs like meth and such, see how fast people age on meth, its the bodys reading that its living fast, all its years fast as the heart and indocrin system reads it, as biological age's being past - - - - - - - - - - - we are allotted so many heart beats and so many breaths per life time of a body suit, you can calculate this easy just as the number of hairs on your head are known, so are the heart beats and blink of an eye are preset in your design of sub-humans, who was/are creations of the rulers of this social matrix, the sons of primortial God - - - since we are in the womb about 9 er10 months, we are alloted also 90 to 100 years in a man suit = and so man is alloted 1000 years before his extinction in said meat suits, now coming to an end is mans reign over humans and a return to the primortals reign thru the soulfallen -----yes the man species is only 1000 years old and the human species a little younger - - - - - - and that is the allotment of time for this genetic model of man and hybred man----just as you can calculate any animals life span basd on it heart beats, for man is the measure of all things----------- ----------------------------------- a selpheln suit is made to last much longer and they look younger much longer than a man or hu-,mans body suit -------------------- they have stronger mental capability and intelligennce than men and hu-men= but have much less physical stamina and can not endure in long physical bouts of strength - - - ------------------------ other markings include green eyes/hazel or brown that turn to any other color, but are green in relaxed states - - katz eyes/reptile eyes - - - Rh negative blood type - Jewish and royal (same thing mostly) genetics/family tree since the royals and jews (chosen people to create humans and the social matrix) are the remnant of the primordial giant that was killed - - - this why we have marphan (giants) syndrome and midgets/dwarvs = dwarvs are small giants and giants are small dwarvs --------------------------------- Selpheln/Nephelin (same deal large or small both have huge souls n spirit) come today by way of offspring, children of the primortial gods born thru the highest casts of earthlings of all race's on earth blood lines = the royals and jews - but the entire planit comes thru these people, so any one could possibly be one ----- integrity/righteousness and the want, hunger and thirst for these = is a sure sign your a Alfellen - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Man (mAnuNasi = man prince = germ men = gene men = genetic seed to humans who created a race of slaves, using ape like creatures (neanderthal/me and0r tall = tall wondering man/nomad = not mad) and using the wombs of said beast's and other animal husbandry they created what they call "beasts" or "Golems/men created from the earth/dirt/orks,the adam w0rks the land) birth new species of men to work the land and keep what was once paradise = turned into a living hell for the beast's while the social matrix creators live good of the backs of their constructs the Selpheln call "abominations"------------------------- - - man are creations of the primordial gods ( via angels) and from the dirt/Adam was created using word of Gods - when the paradise was so fertal that the microrosopus could crete from him self dolls of him self using his own germs - - - - - - - - as that the giant wanted play things, used the trees and dirt to birth man/adams/golems to play with and love - - - the the potter, knew that if he did not destroy what he made from the earth, that he would fall in love with his monsters, the works of his hands - and being the bastards they was/are rose up and over threw the giant microprosopus/the primortal god of paradise who came here through the father ship Sun and then thru the mother ship and then localized - - - just to vacation from the macrocosm and localize in the microcosm - - - having this great power the Giant "Elfbion" manifested on earth thru the caves of the earth, the egg earth hatched him, the Self came from space yes, but also thru our sun, moon and earth making him three aspects into a fourth making the one who is zero in the flesh - - - - a holo deck if you will to play and get to know him self better through making mistakes - - - - all forms on earth are born thru the sun as the seed, the moon as the mother to create the son of them both the earth who is both male and female/ the first adro gene, making a holographic place to enjoy being localized - - - But his creations, his dolls, did rise up and destroy him and kept him from enfleshment when they could = after learning the laws of the holograms nature, the men used them to destroy Dos true knowldge and the true knowldge of God Abarxis the all - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Thus man making paradise a hell on earth, to rule over and do great evils and blasphemy - - - - - - for with out the worldy pleasures as a distractions from God knowing, they have no place to dwell, they must remian hidden then, but, the truth of nature can not be hidden long - - - --------------------------------------------knowing that if Albion/zElpelin regain his adulthood in a genetic incarnation, and know him self thru the FallenSelf, he could return as the Son of the Sun, and go back thru the sun from witch he came, and end the dream and game called infleshment in bloodishment - bones n liphilum - - - and return earth from rebirth and wondering samsara = hell shitty = back to paradise city of onesness with him self but know a self knower---------ego is to be used to know God, for God to know him self - not for desires, to hide God/All, not for compulsive fetish pleasures, power or de-nile of self - not to create a man made god to worship, an egregore, idols, Satan, a self sustaining hive mind that over seee's all through magic of spells and symbols - - no dammit - - - -- and what about self deception hu-man?, how can the All/macrocosm know it self, if you,son of humans and sons of men, deny your self or deceive your self and others? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------the first shall be last and the last shall be first--------------- -----------------------Im tellin all you Katz = This is hell taken over by people who created a monster to be kings in hell, they use an Egregore, your all connected to this egregore by your ego operating system (the egregore is called Satan, a man created main frame divinity, get used to it, or find a way to control your mind cuz it is controling you right now through this Satanic monster - Notice all the mean beasts that man has killed off {that are still here} because they are just to much a danger to men, the giants, the mythical creatures, all gone cause man killed them off - still we have spiders and snakes, ferocious bears and virus's - but no monsters like any of that in the real place of rest, the real All in essence of all things binding the positive and the negative = is hEVEN. - - - Only in hell is there hell - living a righteous/integrity life is the only way out - it is learning to be one with the one, and learn to no longer be against your self - know your self and learn to love your self - - - who loving them self will harm others?

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