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10th Selpheln - An Apologetic: INRI

" it appears that Abraxas has much deeper significance. We may conceive of the name as that of the godhead whose symbolic task is the uniting of godly and devilish elements." Herman Hess------------------------------------------------------------ An Apologetic: The Christ INRI - - - Isous Nazirite Rex Iohuda --"For the sake of the union of the Holy One Blessed be He, and His Shekhinah, to unite the name Y-H with V-H in a perfect union, in the name of all Israel"--------------------- ----------------Star of David date August 22, 2013---------------------------------------- The Wise and Foolish Builders----------------- “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------Lets get this straight right off - This is an Apologetic of Christ, Not Christianity, or any groups of people or congregations. If your looking crucify some one for their views that may be different of the same subject, then you can find many, but pass me by till you have read my complete tract on the matter. I first wrote on this subject in College Philosophy when asked to write an essay on who our favorite Philosopher was, for the finals - Since I knew this one better than any others, I wrote about the Christ figure in the new Testament bible as my fave. People hated it and me, but I got an A any way. So ill attemp to make another apologetic of the worlds most controversial figure, INRI. ------------------------------------------------------I will cover allot of ground in a short space, so If you are not prepared to have your shift para-dimed, then you mite do well to listen to your self, but besides you, I am the next best thing you got; why is that you ask? Well because I am not gonna lie to you, i want you to check for your self and think about this, when even most people lie to them self, you will have trusted your self enough to learn for your self, if you failed to listen that others cant teach you, what you dont know, you have to teach your self to truly know anything. We will lay faith aside and stick with what we do know. For now, we can never know anything untill we are willing to understand it, even if it means pain and suffering, we must be willing to know in order to know and so then we learn to see things from diff perspective, just to understand it better. I know allot of Christians and I am not here to offend any but I will challenge you and call you higher right now... ---------------The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher""---------------------- ---------------- This is a world of lies and half truths baked for sale to the highest bidder - we will sift through the baked goods make with sugar on top when we know with out sugar it is bland so let add some salt of the earth - if your ready for the challenge? It is for Christian and non alike. I will show the Man in the Gospels as some one much diff than depicted in Sunday school, because Jesus/Yeshua Christ, was not a Christian - He was blood line of Buddha, according to this Book. ---------------------------Some things to consider for your para-dime shift, that makes bloody 20 plenty sense --------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------The first christian Church was started by Paul and Barnabas at a place called Antioch, and it was there that "the Disciples was first called Christians" Acts 11 long after the King was gone from the area. The Christ him self never started a church for people to follow his students (disciples). He was clear in much clearness that" if you are really my disciples you will hold to my treachings" = His alone is what I read time and time again and never does he say anything about following others teachings - He never instructed anyone in ear shot to follow anyone but him, ever = the Mosaic law is simplified to by the one rule that is called golden today - in other words = treat people how you want treated. No laws to break and Im hear to tell ya that no one can keep the mosaic laws - You say sure i can there is only Ten right? No, actually there is 613 commandments in the OT, not just ten, thats another lie or incomplete fact... http://www.jewfaq.org/613.htm ---------The Term Christ means King --------The Term Messiah means King ------------The blood line of Judah is the blood line of buddha Kings, such as David and Soloman who is lion of juddha -----------------All Biblical characters patriarchal = are Kings, Judges, Priests or Judges and in fact all these are Kings AKA Lords just as Lord Krishna, prince 0 Vishnu ---------------------------- --------------------The old testament terms for what we are told are false gods actually all mean in the original text "king" or Lord as in -------------Land Lords ----------------Adoni = Lord --------------Molech = means King in hebrew ---------------Baal = Lord --------------------Ashera = Queen of a thusand names such as isis -------------------------------Hebrew Greek and Aramaic (poor Hebrew) is the language of the Bible. If you dont understand words dont jump ahead and assume i means what every one says it means, look it up on the net. Any Christina Doctrain use the passgae and see how it translates in the original text some time ina interliner Bible --------------------------------Ther Prophets warned against following, worshipping the Kings and Lords =------------- -----------------------------Christians today, in fact, do follow the religion of the King Moses, the Mosaic Laws but fail miserably at 613 commands - mixxed with a little King Paul (who was a Pharasee, never stopped being one) and King Peter ext excluding Christ words often like all the others.---------------- The Catholic Church is the Church of Peter, not the church of Christ Yeshua. -----------The one place Satan is defined by Chirst when he said "get behind me Satan" it was Peter he identified as Satan - watch him fall like lightening ---------------He also mentions "the Prince of this world" and who are princes non other than Kings? - But he says he is the one and only we shall follow, if we call him Lord, Microprosopus and kind via natural high archy - witch has been replaced with a systematic higher archy,,,the word/logos of the divine logos, manifested in the material plane...(the place where when you need words to speek, they come down from there)---this manifestation is the top of the high archys of nature. So all of the earth worships him, even if they dont realize this. Even the animals bow to Tarzan, even the insex, even he is the lord over flys and creeping things.......................... ---------------------------------------The Bible is composed of 66 books that the Catholic (Peter/Frator/Father/Penis/pop/pope ) church says are the one's that are ok, so every body reads the books From the Church of Satan, a book about Kings, written by Kings and no one notices they are ruled by Kings and reined over by the Queen of one Thousand names and the Elohim - At death one becomes a God according to these gods and all gods of the past are of this same bloodline of Kings and Queens they have reined from the beggining. in these 66 books there are combined 660 times used and enterd, the words righteous and righteousness.... --------------Communion = Gathering together -----------------Community = Gathering of people --------------Communism = political philosophy ----------------Congregation = Gathering of people --------------------Church = gathering of people - State a gathering of congregates ----------------But to gather in the kings name (Jesus name) is to being in his walk and about his purpose fins out what he said that is and do it - not just talk about it if your really a disciple --------------Commune-----------------cults are not individuals-------------------has nothin to do with church and state afairs, who are the kings/prince of this world - INRI is king only in nature's ways, not in the ways of mamon------------------------------ So you ask what is the diff between this Chirst Yeshua King INRI and the Kings of this world? ----Righteousness !------- = Free from guilt or sin - - - free from inner guilt means not guilty in your own measure, has no guilt means made amends for any that was there ---------------- -----------------------Hows that? -------------------------------Yeah, you can be to0, just like a Christ, a initiate into the mystery of Good and Bad - any man can stop doing what he knows is wrong, and if he does not, he is guilty by his own mind with in his own self, he needs not another to tell him his guilt for going against him self ---------- self is by self judged alone - - - and if he is filthy finding him self guilty ,and not righteous, then he can change that with cleaning his self of guilt. If we lie to our self, it is usually so we lie better to others, but lets not lie to our self anymore here any way - after this u will go on your way and continue in your deathing---------------- - We are called to be like this King of righteousness/integrity, who was able to over come his desires of the flesh and slay his dragon penis, and this is not diff than Buddha and Krishna. This has nothing to do with Christian Theology or political correctness... But untill you read some thing allot, you cant know then understand what it says can you?. But we know that no one likes to carry guilt and guilt is always from lies, deceptions to self and others - - - so to be righteous like Christ is the only way to fully fill and live his teachings of love your self as you love others, there is no other way, one cannot not buy righteousness, it is earned through practicing the words of Chirst King Krishna son of Juddah -------------------In fact about all religions are based on a central figure who is a King = king worship ---------------- Buddha (Saddartha) = a King --------------- Krishna of Hindu also a King ------------------ Mohomet = yep, check for your self a royal ----------------Logo = Word/symbol/Avatar ----------------Logos = Christ ------------Logic = Reason ----------------Reasoning is thoughts organized using critical thinking --------------------------------Dont worship the image of a cross or a stature of a Buddha or a symbol of nature, be like the figures who set the hermetic trends. Walk as they did now, dont delay to be guilt free and take off the weight. the weight is gone on a non parade float - - - ---------------- ---------------------------------------Words in Red ---------------------Wanna change the world? Stop telling lies and making your self guilty - get control of your self, mind and body. Elf control, know thy elf - -------- - A cross is a murder weapon - like an electric chair or colorful noose around your neck tie, a tie, a leash unleashed - so if your king returns and your wearing a cross that killed him, what will he imagine of you, that u are a student/disciple or a idol worshipper of death and murder? they put those up there for all to see, yep, the crucifixions so to tell everyone - see, look what happens if you rebel, we kill and disgrace you in public, hung to a tree naked, beaten and butchered. -------------------------------------------------- crowned with horns you devil who brought light to the world as a light bringer who lets his light shine - ---------------------- ------------------Peter have any guilt in him? ---------Did Paul? -----------What about Moses? ---------------Dont mean they aint worth reading, just not worth imitating in the long run, if I am a student of Christ king of King Krishna moham is ------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ Peter crucified upside down - the Satanic Cross is upside down---------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------I started my trip the same way I am gonna finish it on earth, naked free of guilt if i can help it, alls i gotta do is not lie, using the basic teachings of Christ and I see no others needed but many are alike. Control myself, my body and mind. Get control as a rider has over a horse - your soul is the rider and your body a wild horse, untill you can control it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dont do anything to get guilt in your self and remove any that remains and then and only then can "your righteousness surpass that of the pharassee" that dogma, lies, religion and ego are not the way to world peace, they are the way to divisions and wars. They continue raging on and the right us Kings said "peace be with you" -----------------------------------------------People say but what about the miricle's? I can explain them all with logos/logic Ill answer all, explained by one with the abillty to explain: -------------------- Virgin Birth: A term in nature called Parthenogenisis----------- Back then a woman remained a virgin until the after the first child is blesssed by the father and named - - - -An angel came in her ----------------- - ----------------------------------Turning water into wine: Easy just add grapes - back then medding partys lasted for three weeks just enough time tomakes great wine ------------------------------- Feeding 5000 people or a multitude with only three fish? well consider these fish may have been very large, several hundred pound fish each - they had net to catch the bigguns back then and Peter wuzza fisherman ----------------------------------- Walking on water on requires a nice pair of wooden shoes -''''''''''''''''''''''''''' the resurection refers to "the waking and or rising of the dead" refers to the return of the "son of Man" time when people will awaken from the dreams and spells they have been under, AKA the apocalypse (unveiling of what is hidden) now is the time! -----------------------------------------------All the miricles in the bible are easily explainable if you are a King - for the Book of Kings was gven by Kings and authorized by kings and written for Kings, not workers to understand - only Kings can under stand it -But there is only one King/Queen, but many little Kings distort the Bible and other things for power and control of people using the science of moving (mass movements) of moving people AKA Shepherding Herds------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------I dont claim to have it all wrapped up - and I dont want to be a Saint/Saintan or Satan Clause - I dont have any superstition when it comes to this subject, just what in there is all I am sayin - the Goodspells and the Godspells = words = spells = Logos = Words = Reason - - - these are the words i have learned about humans and earthlings so far, written to not make sense unless you want it to make since----------------------------------- ---------------------------------The Bible is occult, untill you read it and know it is hidden what is says inside you - occult means hidden in atin, so until you discover it, its real deal - it remains occult - you gotta read it to make it knowledge and no longer hidden from you. Religion isnt about peace = Its about Control the labor force with superstitions and structured rules that are more than any one can memorize when only the one is needed for a righteous life in Chirst. --------------------------The occult is a consuming fire = but the profane tread and not on the sepent head!----------------------------- ------------The only way to everlasting peace is through honesty and removal of superstitions/lies. ------------------------Who will fear their Father if they have done all he as taught them? --------------------------The guilty hide in shame of their fathers presents - But nothing can protect them when the land lord comes to roost, for they are naked before the Winged eyes. -----------Who will be righteous with out religion to cloth their reality? ----------------------No lie's and just treating others the way ya want treated - get control of your body, passions and exstiguish desires that lead to suffering. This is not a New Age teaching, this is yours personal................ he who has ears, let them hear and understandthe word righteousness!

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