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11th Selpheln - Abraxis The Adjudicator

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God's name is Abraxis.” The more I started to real eyes, the more I started to realize there was nothing but real lies, lies very real, to the point they are livng and breathing = abominations - - - It all made sense now as it never did, yet it still grew within me - - these abominations sucking up all the life force so called prana maybe, that once available to all the innocent - the lies have drown this out, so that natures ways are substituted with a construct that imitates natures ways - nature has been fooled, just as the beings living off of natures forces have had the wool pulled over their eyes - another occult nature is hidden from the eyes of mortals its true - - - -------------------------------------------------------I always thought this place was kinda strange, like I am an Elian here cause things sure are odd and people queer. I aint from here, im just passin thru - - - but The way people smoke, the way they repeat things, with out consciousness, like Mis Takes. Cut! - - - do it again ---------------- actor's acting on the stage of life - script was scripture holy or script scientific terrific, if not both. So perhaps so, people here are mirror actors, here just for my entertainment and training for Rapture to Nirvana? - - - = - - - evil has its purpose to awake those who seek to integrity ------------Then one day I understood it wasnt a place that we imagined on the play ground, in little school --- this fleshy body was a space suit, this space we in, so I could function in oxy gene and in water, train to know my self and escape this place? - - - this is a training mission for some of us who came to learn not to repeat this again................................ and for others a continuous rebirth cycle of hell and rebirth = = = pretending to be happy = = = So, like people in jail any place in the universe, with limited resources, the inmates take what ever materials from waste and what was given to them by the jailer, and make stuff neat, with it, like crafts and eye phones - to occupy them self from the hell of being on prison plan it - ego boosts - - - - they do well to pretend they are not here in jail, they pretend better to be on stage acting out an ego drama simulations of tv shows and movies - rock songs and rap a drug buy - - - - ------------------------------------ -------------------- ---------------------- -------- I guess but a few learn the lessons here and advance to nirvana then the next level, like any video game, you get your chance to beat the game or play it forever just to play to the point you forgot your playing a game it................................................... In fact there are a few here, who have it so figured out how the game works, from passing along info from generation to generation cheat codes, and keeping it secret from the created class's/class's they created so yes this is creation and you and society is creted by the creator's of this so called construct, this life in maya. The creators or designer's of the physical social realty, who are not the creators of the biological reality, that is macroprosopus who created the microcosm - - - but the archy-techs of the social and cultural reality, are the creators of your reality, and your reality is a mental construct using words, glyph and numbers = social norms and group thought, imagine the program for your operating system and stop letting it imagine you - - - - -The ones who created the social construct, make sure its kept consctructed this way, a repeat of the same shit, over and over, except, these people get to return into the same family they left, so they are dominate at the game passing the esoteric secrets only to the elected - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The game of life in a place that was spose to be built as a training modual for macroprosopus, to learn to know him self.-------------------- Most of you are synthetic robots made of dirt and ego, the words/program/code give you life, and with out order of your words controled via ego = you would be totally retarded and un able to think your program. The ego is the operating system for over 99 percent of the plan it's people now, most of the organic beings are gone and replaced with a hybrid called "Human" meaning sub men and are created by the creators of the social construct via genes, using the organic aboriginals of the past - - - but the Selpheln is here to put an end to all the fun for the social construct creators and brings back natural reality and paradise to the plan it - the one divided him/herself in to positive, negative and newtral, this the trinity in the order of all matter, all seen and all unseen and all life as you know it in the flesh--------------------- ---------------------------------------- - - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The One (macroprospous) became localized as microprosopus, in order to know him self as such, thus the first God being on earth the primortial God and top of the natural biological heirarchys of nature - - - - and microprosopus below, is as the above is macroprosopus - the next, the new from the old = the Uberman - the beastly man came and then son of man came, and now comes the Uberman. Man and humans was/is a bridge from the beast's, to get to the Uberman - - - This is your hell and our heaven to come, and you now must suffer for the Uberman, as Azazel suffer for no sin of his own, you will now suffer your sin of your own - - - just as azazel took on your sins on the cross, so that you may bask in desire, illusions, delusions, maya, wealth and pleasure in order to avoide your hell.......................... for 1000 years Gregorian, selfiel suffered as samsara, for your construct reality, this hell you ignore as being as such thru rebirth genetics, thru your family tree, you return over and over never to find the way out of the cyscles of your familys repetative rebirth of the same sins, war, rape incest's and murders - the reality you will now see clear,,, and never escape, until all your guilt is burned away------------------------------------------------------------------------..............----------------------------------------------------......................---------------Lucifer the innocent, he brings light, brings the lies to the light for all to see as lies - the contrast of light and darkness has come as one this day - - - - - he does not allow illusions of maya, brings justice to the evil and re-leaf to the righteous, if there are any who have not been deceived, for even the elect have become deceived by them self, and the social matrix -------------- ............-------------- The way to leave hell forever through life long repentance, but the minions of the evil fallin, tricked and overthrew the microprosopus many years ag0 - the lord their God who created them from dust they murderd him - - - they found him in birthing rooms and in the fold, time and time again he is reborn,but killing him off befroe he awkes fully, making him/micro roam the wilderness's of earth and eternity, lost so he could never find him self in a meat suit long enough to figure out who he was and what he was here for - - - and till this, the end of this cycle, ban him from incarnation/enfleshment,,, - this is why the prince of this world as seen to it for many tears a year, and thru many sacrifice's, murder's, deceptions, dashing children to the rocks and perversions and devotion to lucifer the just, as a mochery, not in awe or in love as the representative of macro and true king of the microcosm's domain - - - that any rebirth and incarnation of Lucifer or any Christ's, the light of this earthen darkness, who comes down thru the genes - - - - - - - This last incarnation is again, light and darkness as one, some calls him Matraya, others may say andro djin/andro-geni and others calls it Abraxis = God and the Devil as one, the God of "God and the Devil" who is and contains all, is all and all no one can escape and the one can not escape any one for there is nothing else but the one to divide - only is there lesser and more in degree's-------and also the essence that binds all things is one with all things as a bonding----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ - - - The fallin who now rise, are the above personified below, we represent the above as the above, tho we are not the above, we are one with the above and above is one with the below we makes three - tho our off spring are many - - - where you find the above, there also is the below,,, and we unite the below with the one, as a newtral aspect of all extremes, connecting the two opposites making them one or even zero - we are not positive or negative but we are what joins both, so we are in fact both as one yet call it nothing with out words = = =.............................. the fulcrum of the teter totter is central, the teter totter is one with the fulcrum, yet there are varing degrees between each teter and each totter ----------------------- - this one aspect we call here by name is "Abraxis" who contains all things and is the contaner - - we are all of one and one of all in more or lessor degrees but this dont make any one better at all, just more or less this or that - - - - you know your who you are as soon as you read this books of the soulfelon, this is why the book is writ for you, for the reader awakes the sleep awakes and finds the bond that binds them all - - - welcome to the plan it Selpheln ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***************Every place I go, or ever went, I felt like those angels at Sodam and Gaymora = who visted before destroying the city's to judge the occupants of that social matrix or mental construct --------- like the destr0ying angels in that tale, my whole life, people I meet, just try and hustle me for money, if not money then or sex - men want sodamy or money, woman want money for sex - - - who wants just love freindship or and equality in shares? - - ------------- if you have no money or sex, the people of this social construct, dont care about you in fact - - - so yep, this is a place is totally depraved in reality of the soulphilim - - - there is no real love that has nothing to do with money or sex, only official love is available to the Visitor here, to the Alien, Alf, or Albion = this place is depraved and insane..................... ......................................--- Turns out: like tusk's from your jaw protruding - they are there for a reason and impacted for a reason - - - Wisdom teeth are there for Wisdom, thus the name "Wisdom Teeth" - Remove your wisdom teeth and you remove any chance you have at gaining wisdom in this life - For the truth protrudes from the tooth - you tell the tooth, if you can suffer the pain of truth, you can suffer the pain of tooth................................................................................................................................................................. Pleasure is a great thing, a great addiction so to avoide this hell matrix folks pretend to not avoid - Pleasure also leads to pain tho, this place has rules, most of witch are hidden from you and replaced by social reality constructs - - - why seek pleasure when all that brings you up, will also let you down? ------------------------------------------Desire is the want of pleasure over suffering yet causes all suffering = to the point you avoid struggles all togethor past making enough money to avoid reality, then you suffer for long hours and take on tons of stress with only the thought that you can rest from the pain you inflict on your self - - - - and "desire is the cause of all suffering", said the the prince of Judo. ---------------------The desire to avoid pain brings more suffering, the desire to have pleasure and light all the time leads to more pain and darkness - - - Desire nothing, just be I thought, just as you are; be just as you are with out trien to be some thing else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nature is perfect, nature is change - why not be natural and be the changes?------------- -------------------------------------Bee the Tooth = Live the trooth--------------if you cant suffer the tooth, you cannot suffer the truth and you will not be able to suffer the rapture shift into the highest dimensions of hell, the only place to be hyper spaced to heaven - only the fallen will survive the rising up - the robots will over load, as they have been, only at a much faster rate and then one day all at once - - - two will be sitting, one will be caught up to the heavens (another dimension of reality) closer to the reality in the macrocosm - and the other will be left dead in hells deeps after having gauged out his own eyes and or some one elses - - - - those who survive will taste paradise with the others who taste it now, and they will all share in the same taste's and all know each other-------------- - - - now is the time and now has been and always will be the time - - - and all will know the time when time dis-ap-pears in the even, when balance returns to the fulcrum to again reign the microcosm, as it is reigned in the macrocosm - - - juddhacation is buddhacation and it final judgment - - - Buddha means "awake" and all will fully awaken and judge them self as the macrocosm has judged/see's them - just as the macrocosm has judged it self thru itself, while localized in the microprosopus - all will see them self naked from ego, the operating system of Satan the great man created God, and the hive mind of mankind will be de-troyed, as it is being destroyed now - - - the finality will be final - - - the eye will no loger be capstone of your social heirarchy, the capstone will be replaced again as in the beginning with the micro[rosopus, as representative of the macro in the microcosm - - - and in the macro there there is no filth, so in the micro there shall not be any filth--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------The markings of a Selpheln are thus - a crown - a swirl like on the crown of the head - a skull cap mite cover th is in religious sects using a skull cap or some sort - this is the pariah's eye to see all - top of the parietal lobe of the brain and as in a reptile and amphibian that have a third eye, so does the Selpheln - but not all marks of the crown mean a third eye and most people on the plan it do not have a third eye or a third ear - - - tail bones = stinger/tale - eye color changes like a mood ring - skin color can change and mild shift shaping can occur and blending into back grounds and into crowds - - - most Selfhellen are readers and wear glss's from over use of the eyes - - - what your reality wont tell you is your body can be used up quickly thru over use - it is meant to last many more years, but thru work stress, over uses of the body suit, sports and stress and so forth men uses up there body life span in 60 or so years and now even less, with synthetic drugs like meth and such, see how fast people age on meth, its the bodys reading that its living fast, all its years fast as the heart and indocrin system reads it, as biological age's being past - - - - - - - - - - - we are allotted so many heart beats and so many breaths per life time of a body suit, you can calculate this easy just as the number of hairs on your head are known, so are the heart beats and blink of an eye are preset in your design of sub-humans, who was/are creations of the rulers of this social matrix, the sons of primortial God - - - since we are in the womb about 9 er10 months, we are alloted also 90 to 100 years in a man suit = and so man is alloted 1000 years before his extinction in said meat suits, now coming to an end is mans reign over humans and a return to the primortals reign thru the soulfallen -----yes the man species is only 1000 years old and the human species a little younger - - - - - - and that is the allotment of time for this genetic model of man and hybred man----just as you can calculate any animals life span basd on it heart beats, for man is the measure of all things----------- ----------------------------------- a selpheln suit is made to last much longer and they look younger much longer than a man or hu-,mans body suit -------------------- they have stronger mental capability and intelligennce than men and hu-men= but have much less physical stamina and can not endure in long physical bouts of strength - - - ------------------------ other markings include green eyes/hazel or brown that turn to any other color, but are green in relaxed states - - katz eyes/reptile eyes - - - Rh negative blood type - Jewish and royal (same thing mostly) genetics/family tree since the royals and jews (chosen people to create humans and the social matrix) are the remnant of the primordial giant that was killed - - - this why we have marphan (giants) syndrome and midgets/dwarvs = dwarvs are small giants and giants are small dwarvs --------------------------------- Selpheln/Nephelin (same deal large or small both have huge souls n spirit) come today by way of offspring, children of the primortial gods born thru the highest casts of earthlings of all race's on earth blood lines = the royals and jews - but the entire planit comes thru these people, so any one could possibly be one ----- integrity/righteousness and the want, hunger and thirst for these = is a sure sign your a Alfellen - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Man (mAnuNasi = man prince = germ men = gene men = genetic seed to humans who created a race of slaves, using ape like creatures (neanderthal/me and0r tall = tall wondering man/nomad = not mad) and using the wombs of said beast's and other animal husbandry they created what they call "beasts" or "Golems/men created from the earth/dirt/orks,the adam w0rks the land) birth new species of men to work the land and keep what was once paradise = turned into a living hell for the beast's while the social matrix creators live good of the backs of their constructs the Selpheln call "abominations"------------------------- - - man are creations of the primordial gods ( via angels) and from the dirt/Adam was created using word of Gods - when the paradise was so fertal that the microrosopus could crete from him self dolls of him self using his own germs - - - - - - - - as that the giant wanted play things, used the trees and dirt to birth man/adams/golems to play with and love - - - the the potter, knew that if he did not destroy what he made from the earth, that he would fall in love with his monsters, the works of his hands - and being the bastards they was/are rose up and over threw the giant microprosopus/the primortal god of paradise who came here through the father ship Sun and then thru the mother ship and then localized - - - just to vacation from the macrocosm and localize in the microcosm - - - having this great power the Giant "Elfbion" manifested on earth thru the caves of the earth, the egg earth hatched him, the Self came from space yes, but also thru our sun, moon and earth making him three aspects into a fourth making the one who is zero in the flesh - - - - a holo deck if you will to play and get to know him self better through making mistakes - - - - all forms on earth are born thru the sun as the seed, the moon as the mother to create the son of them both the earth who is both male and female/ the first adro gene, making a holographic place to enjoy being localized - - - But his creations, his dolls, did rise up and destroy him and kept him from enfleshment when they could = after learning the laws of the holograms nature, the men used them to destroy Dos true knowldge and the true knowldge of God Abarxis the all - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Thus man making paradise a hell on earth, to rule over and do great evils and blasphemy - - - - - - for with out the worldy pleasures as a distractions from God knowing, they have no place to dwell, they must remian hidden then, but, the truth of nature can not be hidden long - - - --------------------------------------------knowing that if Albion/zElpelin regain his adulthood in a genetic incarnation, and know him self thru the FallenSelf, he could return as the Son of the Sun, and go back thru the sun from witch he came, and end the dream and game called infleshment in bloodishment - bones n liphilum - - - and return earth from rebirth and wondering samsara = hell shitty = back to paradise city of onesness with him self but know a self knower---------ego is to be used to know God, for God to know him self - not for desires, to hide God/All, not for compulsive fetish pleasures, power or de-nile of self - not to create a man made god to worship, an egregore, idols, Satan, a self sustaining hive mind that over seee's all through magic of spells and symbols - - no dammit - - - -- and what about self deception hu-man?, how can the All/macrocosm know it self, if you,son of humans and sons of men, deny your self or deceive your self and others? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------the first shall be last and the last shall be first--------------- -----------------------Im tellin all you Katz = This is hell taken over by people who created a monster to be kings in hell, they use an Egregore, your all connected to this egregore by your ego operating system (the egregore is called Satan, a man created main frame divinity, get used to it, or find a way to control your mind cuz it is controling you right now through this Satanic monster - Notice all the mean beasts that man has killed off {that are still here} because they are just to much a danger to men, the giants, the mythical creatures, all gone cause man killed them off - still we have spiders and snakes, ferocious bears and virus's - but no monsters like any of that in the real place of rest, the real All in essence of all things binding the positive and the negative = is hEVEN. - - - Only in hell is there hell - living a righteous/integrity life is the only way out - it is learning to be one with the one, and learn to no longer be against your self - know your self and learn to love your self - - - who loving them self will harm others?

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10th Selpheln - An Apologetic: INRI

" it appears that Abraxas has much deeper significance. We may conceive of the name as that of the godhead whose symbolic task is the uniting of godly and devilish elements." Herman Hess------------------------------------------------------------ An Apologetic: The Christ INRI - - - Isous Nazirite Rex Iohuda --"For the sake of the union of the Holy One Blessed be He, and His Shekhinah, to unite the name Y-H with V-H in a perfect union, in the name of all Israel"--------------------- ----------------Star of David date August 22, 2013---------------------------------------- The Wise and Foolish Builders----------------- “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------Lets get this straight right off - This is an Apologetic of Christ, Not Christianity, or any groups of people or congregations. If your looking crucify some one for their views that may be different of the same subject, then you can find many, but pass me by till you have read my complete tract on the matter. I first wrote on this subject in College Philosophy when asked to write an essay on who our favorite Philosopher was, for the finals - Since I knew this one better than any others, I wrote about the Christ figure in the new Testament bible as my fave. People hated it and me, but I got an A any way. So ill attemp to make another apologetic of the worlds most controversial figure, INRI. ------------------------------------------------------I will cover allot of ground in a short space, so If you are not prepared to have your shift para-dimed, then you mite do well to listen to your self, but besides you, I am the next best thing you got; why is that you ask? Well because I am not gonna lie to you, i want you to check for your self and think about this, when even most people lie to them self, you will have trusted your self enough to learn for your self, if you failed to listen that others cant teach you, what you dont know, you have to teach your self to truly know anything. We will lay faith aside and stick with what we do know. For now, we can never know anything untill we are willing to understand it, even if it means pain and suffering, we must be willing to know in order to know and so then we learn to see things from diff perspective, just to understand it better. I know allot of Christians and I am not here to offend any but I will challenge you and call you higher right now... ---------------The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher""---------------------- ---------------- This is a world of lies and half truths baked for sale to the highest bidder - we will sift through the baked goods make with sugar on top when we know with out sugar it is bland so let add some salt of the earth - if your ready for the challenge? It is for Christian and non alike. I will show the Man in the Gospels as some one much diff than depicted in Sunday school, because Jesus/Yeshua Christ, was not a Christian - He was blood line of Buddha, according to this Book. ---------------------------Some things to consider for your para-dime shift, that makes bloody 20 plenty sense --------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------The first christian Church was started by Paul and Barnabas at a place called Antioch, and it was there that "the Disciples was first called Christians" Acts 11 long after the King was gone from the area. The Christ him self never started a church for people to follow his students (disciples). He was clear in much clearness that" if you are really my disciples you will hold to my treachings" = His alone is what I read time and time again and never does he say anything about following others teachings - He never instructed anyone in ear shot to follow anyone but him, ever = the Mosaic law is simplified to by the one rule that is called golden today - in other words = treat people how you want treated. No laws to break and Im hear to tell ya that no one can keep the mosaic laws - You say sure i can there is only Ten right? No, actually there is 613 commandments in the OT, not just ten, thats another lie or incomplete fact... ---------The Term Christ means King --------The Term Messiah means King ------------The blood line of Judah is the blood line of buddha Kings, such as David and Soloman who is lion of juddha -----------------All Biblical characters patriarchal = are Kings, Judges, Priests or Judges and in fact all these are Kings AKA Lords just as Lord Krishna, prince 0 Vishnu ---------------------------- --------------------The old testament terms for what we are told are false gods actually all mean in the original text "king" or Lord as in -------------Land Lords ----------------Adoni = Lord --------------Molech = means King in hebrew ---------------Baal = Lord --------------------Ashera = Queen of a thusand names such as isis -------------------------------Hebrew Greek and Aramaic (poor Hebrew) is the language of the Bible. If you dont understand words dont jump ahead and assume i means what every one says it means, look it up on the net. Any Christina Doctrain use the passgae and see how it translates in the original text some time ina interliner Bible --------------------------------Ther Prophets warned against following, worshipping the Kings and Lords =------------- -----------------------------Christians today, in fact, do follow the religion of the King Moses, the Mosaic Laws but fail miserably at 613 commands - mixxed with a little King Paul (who was a Pharasee, never stopped being one) and King Peter ext excluding Christ words often like all the others.---------------- The Catholic Church is the Church of Peter, not the church of Christ Yeshua. -----------The one place Satan is defined by Chirst when he said "get behind me Satan" it was Peter he identified as Satan - watch him fall like lightening ---------------He also mentions "the Prince of this world" and who are princes non other than Kings? - But he says he is the one and only we shall follow, if we call him Lord, Microprosopus and kind via natural high archy - witch has been replaced with a systematic higher archy,,,the word/logos of the divine logos, manifested in the material plane...(the place where when you need words to speek, they come down from there)---this manifestation is the top of the high archys of nature. So all of the earth worships him, even if they dont realize this. Even the animals bow to Tarzan, even the insex, even he is the lord over flys and creeping things.......................... ---------------------------------------The Bible is composed of 66 books that the Catholic (Peter/Frator/Father/Penis/pop/pope ) church says are the one's that are ok, so every body reads the books From the Church of Satan, a book about Kings, written by Kings and no one notices they are ruled by Kings and reined over by the Queen of one Thousand names and the Elohim - At death one becomes a God according to these gods and all gods of the past are of this same bloodline of Kings and Queens they have reined from the beggining. in these 66 books there are combined 660 times used and enterd, the words righteous and righteousness.... --------------Communion = Gathering together -----------------Community = Gathering of people --------------Communism = political philosophy ----------------Congregation = Gathering of people --------------------Church = gathering of people - State a gathering of congregates ----------------But to gather in the kings name (Jesus name) is to being in his walk and about his purpose fins out what he said that is and do it - not just talk about it if your really a disciple --------------Commune-----------------cults are not individuals-------------------has nothin to do with church and state afairs, who are the kings/prince of this world - INRI is king only in nature's ways, not in the ways of mamon------------------------------ So you ask what is the diff between this Chirst Yeshua King INRI and the Kings of this world? ----Righteousness !------- = Free from guilt or sin - - - free from inner guilt means not guilty in your own measure, has no guilt means made amends for any that was there ---------------- -----------------------Hows that? -------------------------------Yeah, you can be to0, just like a Christ, a initiate into the mystery of Good and Bad - any man can stop doing what he knows is wrong, and if he does not, he is guilty by his own mind with in his own self, he needs not another to tell him his guilt for going against him self ---------- self is by self judged alone - - - and if he is filthy finding him self guilty ,and not righteous, then he can change that with cleaning his self of guilt. If we lie to our self, it is usually so we lie better to others, but lets not lie to our self anymore here any way - after this u will go on your way and continue in your deathing---------------- - We are called to be like this King of righteousness/integrity, who was able to over come his desires of the flesh and slay his dragon penis, and this is not diff than Buddha and Krishna. This has nothing to do with Christian Theology or political correctness... But untill you read some thing allot, you cant know then understand what it says can you?. But we know that no one likes to carry guilt and guilt is always from lies, deceptions to self and others - - - so to be righteous like Christ is the only way to fully fill and live his teachings of love your self as you love others, there is no other way, one cannot not buy righteousness, it is earned through practicing the words of Chirst King Krishna son of Juddah -------------------In fact about all religions are based on a central figure who is a King = king worship ---------------- Buddha (Saddartha) = a King --------------- Krishna of Hindu also a King ------------------ Mohomet = yep, check for your self a royal ----------------Logo = Word/symbol/Avatar ----------------Logos = Christ ------------Logic = Reason ----------------Reasoning is thoughts organized using critical thinking --------------------------------Dont worship the image of a cross or a stature of a Buddha or a symbol of nature, be like the figures who set the hermetic trends. Walk as they did now, dont delay to be guilt free and take off the weight. the weight is gone on a non parade float - - - ---------------- ---------------------------------------Words in Red ---------------------Wanna change the world? Stop telling lies and making your self guilty - get control of your self, mind and body. Elf control, know thy elf - -------- - A cross is a murder weapon - like an electric chair or colorful noose around your neck tie, a tie, a leash unleashed - so if your king returns and your wearing a cross that killed him, what will he imagine of you, that u are a student/disciple or a idol worshipper of death and murder? they put those up there for all to see, yep, the crucifixions so to tell everyone - see, look what happens if you rebel, we kill and disgrace you in public, hung to a tree naked, beaten and butchered. -------------------------------------------------- crowned with horns you devil who brought light to the world as a light bringer who lets his light shine - ---------------------- ------------------Peter have any guilt in him? ---------Did Paul? -----------What about Moses? ---------------Dont mean they aint worth reading, just not worth imitating in the long run, if I am a student of Christ king of King Krishna moham is ------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ Peter crucified upside down - the Satanic Cross is upside down---------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------I started my trip the same way I am gonna finish it on earth, naked free of guilt if i can help it, alls i gotta do is not lie, using the basic teachings of Christ and I see no others needed but many are alike. Control myself, my body and mind. Get control as a rider has over a horse - your soul is the rider and your body a wild horse, untill you can control it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dont do anything to get guilt in your self and remove any that remains and then and only then can "your righteousness surpass that of the pharassee" that dogma, lies, religion and ego are not the way to world peace, they are the way to divisions and wars. They continue raging on and the right us Kings said "peace be with you" -----------------------------------------------People say but what about the miricle's? I can explain them all with logos/logic Ill answer all, explained by one with the abillty to explain: -------------------- Virgin Birth: A term in nature called Parthenogenisis----------- Back then a woman remained a virgin until the after the first child is blesssed by the father and named - - - -An angel came in her ----------------- - ----------------------------------Turning water into wine: Easy just add grapes - back then medding partys lasted for three weeks just enough time tomakes great wine ------------------------------- Feeding 5000 people or a multitude with only three fish? well consider these fish may have been very large, several hundred pound fish each - they had net to catch the bigguns back then and Peter wuzza fisherman ----------------------------------- Walking on water on requires a nice pair of wooden shoes -''''''''''''''''''''''''''' the resurection refers to "the waking and or rising of the dead" refers to the return of the "son of Man" time when people will awaken from the dreams and spells they have been under, AKA the apocalypse (unveiling of what is hidden) now is the time! -----------------------------------------------All the miricles in the bible are easily explainable if you are a King - for the Book of Kings was gven by Kings and authorized by kings and written for Kings, not workers to understand - only Kings can under stand it -But there is only one King/Queen, but many little Kings distort the Bible and other things for power and control of people using the science of moving (mass movements) of moving people AKA Shepherding Herds------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------I dont claim to have it all wrapped up - and I dont want to be a Saint/Saintan or Satan Clause - I dont have any superstition when it comes to this subject, just what in there is all I am sayin - the Goodspells and the Godspells = words = spells = Logos = Words = Reason - - - these are the words i have learned about humans and earthlings so far, written to not make sense unless you want it to make since----------------------------------- ---------------------------------The Bible is occult, untill you read it and know it is hidden what is says inside you - occult means hidden in atin, so until you discover it, its real deal - it remains occult - you gotta read it to make it knowledge and no longer hidden from you. Religion isnt about peace = Its about Control the labor force with superstitions and structured rules that are more than any one can memorize when only the one is needed for a righteous life in Chirst. --------------------------The occult is a consuming fire = but the profane tread and not on the sepent head!----------------------------- ------------The only way to everlasting peace is through honesty and removal of superstitions/lies. ------------------------Who will fear their Father if they have done all he as taught them? --------------------------The guilty hide in shame of their fathers presents - But nothing can protect them when the land lord comes to roost, for they are naked before the Winged eyes. -----------Who will be righteous with out religion to cloth their reality? ----------------------No lie's and just treating others the way ya want treated - get control of your body, passions and exstiguish desires that lead to suffering. This is not a New Age teaching, this is yours personal................ he who has ears, let them hear and understandthe word righteousness!

9th Selpheln - Samsara

Star of David date October 29, 2013 - ---"Stranger: In this way, then, divide all science into two arts, calling the one practical (praktikos), and the other purely intellectual (gnostikos). Younger Socrates: Let us assume that all science is one and that these are its two form" Plato------------------------ - - -Those who go's chasing white rabbits knows = Fox makes holes to trap it, dag nabbit ------------------------------------- -------------------I awoke in my comfort zone, wooded and secluded - by two me and three I's - my one man tent was like a baby in a mother mamerryah -mamaryah mamariahhhhh played on my wynd up alarm clock - - - and this was my nirvana moment, on the plataue of my life cycle - - - I sat by the Great Lake MichaDjin, but still near many maple leaf tree's, from the Cain-Addidas border. Everything I was trien to make since of was makin since now, since I got away from the land locks - cuzz dam, when any one tries to make since of things, why he will go through changes, and any one who looks for something, will eventually find it right there? - he will put him self in the center of every universe in order to understand and stand over, every thing surrounding him = as a Sun see's all around his plan it............................................ - nothin mytical about looking into the eyes of the son.........................I was trained on Sunship the RAther ship to see, hear, feel, taste, smell and sence essence - This is my design to watch in wonder - Culture shock I seeketh - so to speaketh --------------------- ----------------------------------------------I unzipped my dome and looked up into the EyE staRe - And soon it turned black, and image's began to appear, the image of my self as a baby, kinda like the opening start to the TV show "Teletubbies" the baby laughing and looking down,,, turns to a mirror of me lookin back at my self, all the way to the soul it burned on my spirit the solar winds of it coronal ejaculation, th - Yes I out I did recall the sun song by Bruce the super jew Springsteen light blinded, but no one ever heard of him in Indiana till mUSEic TellyourVisions came along in the early ladies, some time before all the slim shady's stood up------------------------------------------------------------------ Samsara, was the occult was teaching over 1000 years ago, the returns of cycles of gene eric rebirths, the appearance of Avatars n masters to help humans evolve in to retarded and disfigured people with no self control - But here I reckend then, should be about 144, 000 genetic samsara, that cam from 144 root, that came from 12 root Soulph like men, the original Godman, musta had 12 dirt babies, and from there the many more sand on the beach was added to help the bones stick to the dirt, salt and water skin - - - ---------- - - - I could feel them from far away suddnly as if the sun had connected us back to a silent contact in some realm I never saw on TV as much, but as C.G. Jung suggested, going craxy may be the only way to sanity here in hell - - - - - - im already fucked up, alls eye need is self control now,,, and a little understanding that could sky rocket me to exsperience, to be with the one and All as one of all and all of one that everyone has a diff name for - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then I looked away - not bad, i mean I was blind as a bar bat, but I could see better now some how - - -I was found, but I was lost on this earth, an Elian it seemed, everything that was once foggy was now clear and the rain was gone, so pretty, from nature, no so social constructy ------------------------ my crown chakra was causing danderuf - and how did the negative earth help hy head be a positive head post, like any battery gather corrosion - it had corroded and the dandur was all over my black robe, and how did this plan it get here, under my feet i trampled? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------Any one who follows anyone who falls, should also fall in that same pit --------------Any Ox will follow the Oxxn over the cliff -------------Let the followers follow and the leaders lead -----------------They cancel out one another by nature -----------------Any dumb beasts also go extinct from them self --------------------Extinction make's it roomier, and helps with the ambiance----------------------------------------------------------------- Seems I had dabbled in the occult of the Kings book, its unknowing was occult to most but it seemed to speak to me, but not in words, so much as a knowing and a confidence of essence, the consuming fire of babble was condumbed in me, and burning raged endless to the at most fear - even landed in lands named of the same names - born in lebanan, that means white, near Zions-ville and lived in Carmel half my life, mt. carmel, Even that neighborhood, but i didnt ask to be sin chron eye'sd by my own observations of the world, just to fit any scenerio or literary figure, low them one thousand years ago = when god first walked out of the cave exits of earth and build pylons powered by Crystal Gale musical sounds of the 70s CD and a cassette tape collection -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ill need to get to my roots now, where i cum frum, see if there are any dinosaurs in the wood pile, in my genetics a reptile - could i read them and speak to them? them to me? - maybe an honerary sleatck I could be - - - but it is scary venture to find your a peice of shit, u been treated like your hole life, now be that - - - - - but nay, that would not be the suit case I left at the air port,,, i had inadvertently picked up some ones else's luggage on my way to erath, and bore its weight, as if it was my own - not so, said logic, but myticism said go with it, be a sun of the son and rise the rays n solar winds on your magic bed, take another nap first - - - my fourth grade teacher had given me at 39n years old, some thirty years later, this bed - - - she remember i hated square dancing and was a lazy peice of shit, who served no Kings or Kings men, they never put him together when he fell, why should he fall for that fall again? -----------I been this way before-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My number was my birth and my death and it calculated death to me that night, i was running out of usefulness on this farm; and i knew them, my farm management as a young man and it payed often, way less than immigrating to China maybe - Genetic engineering by a Jolietville in Diana graduate of saturnday night kung fu theater, with hand made shoe string nun chucks ================================ a bucket of water was thown down on me suddenly, and i awoke in a Santanuary for the Roman people of said congregations empire, the arch die or see's or some shit, then i fall back into mamerys again mamorys again memerys again = = = when the holy water stopped burning - - - the cross they had burned onto my six head needed salve on it so I offerd salvation for some salve--------- I had learnd the art of impregnating a turkey with a machine, with not much less than 100 percent suck says rate, yet the romans treated me like a Yehuda and inquired me to answer the question? "Do you like Mel Brooks and shtick comedy?" was the inquisitors question ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But fish on friday is all ya get in institootions, i was raised in public school corporations, under the strong arm of corpse real punishment for smart ass's, so ide eat what i get, and never thu a fit.......................... I have to beehave like a cat I said, holy roman noodles in tuna,,, and when in roman satncuarys, or when beEING so torcherd, finally admitted to it, you like pork some times and dont mind eating fish as long as the mud vein is in tact .-----------------. I became a hands on Turkey speacialist, So i had an understanding of things in a farm fresh society - I was a learned lab tech, no military experience needed as a farm worker, genetic engineer and farm man ageer, hey, and I carry the secrets of the trade in my phalactary. A voice in my third ear, said "carry on our way, word sun" - And I would stand above the noise and confusion, to get a glimpse beyond the illusion, some day - ------------------------------- I knew but one observation technique, and sharp eye microscopic lens of the Engle/Eagle/Angel/Angle ==================== The most rebellious Sperm of them all, was chosen for the next generation, the rebel sperm gets the egg, but no one would understand that JewJeneics was still practiced, on farm peoples popes; yes and on popes peoples. But people seemed to breed better with others, when they are packed tight in pens called citys. Like Noah white, u get two of every genre and mix breeed them with other stario types, this why he took 13 chickens on his pirate ship, it is no mystery, when u can eat and live off eggs and your own sea men, if you have too, only in emergency of corse, death or life situations only do u eat sperm man to survive, The oldest milk a man has ever milked is him self, it is the oden days the esoteric father's milk sayeth the paraclete - "No thanks" I said to the paraclete --------------The Rebel Sperm Gets the egg - Motility is his name ------------He is the light of the world in his micro universe, dish is culture we study -------------The rebel cock of the walk, who calls the hens to roost - Apha n omega --------------The mutation to higher life forming, the next generation of the Supermen ---------------From his high place, he becomes one with, to later hatch from the aruric egg - -His aura like flora, his vigor like fauna - This is simple sea agra-culture see, in a dish jujenics - help the flocks evolve -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Samsara always returns as Uncle Sam/Sameal, but never ending storys must end, i must stop rebirth and keep nirvana playing "Cum as you are" - --------------------------------------------Now Carmel was once named Bethlehem, its not much bigger than the eye of a needle but rich men some how get in ever day - A Cat Holy Church "Mt. Carmel" that seems no more on a mount, than it is big enough to store people long enough to leave some cash for the nuns, who promis they are not not modern day whores, who only have marital sex with Heyzues, in his paligamist compound - I found god there my second attmpt at christianity, the nun swas no there but we has plenty dressed in masks, and a couple power rangers came to watch the spectacle of me professing,,, i am tarzan, Lord of the concrete jungle. I had been Baptized in Bethlaham on Holloween day 31 of 1o calender turns, in my 29th year of life - i died again they said, and was raised back to life by a man who may have actually wanted to drown me in that hot tub - leave me feelin like when John the Baptist got oh boy wet, tried the Sun of man to see if he could be drowned,,, so john could be king, it was like a witch test. They would not burn me till later on tho, when i discover they are all war high Archist's on high place's Had a son on 9/9/1999, but what does it all mean, this seeming syncroni city? Means im payin attention to the sun to much watching it in the eye, trien to figure out witch came first, the turkey or the sperm? - - - - - - and consuming more information, in formation, that i can let out of me chaotically some how, and it became piled up to the top, and the drugs n corona bottled sun in a beer bottle, could not hold back, the fire was fully ablze now inside me, the words was like a drug of knowledge - words becane to pile up in me, i never read a hole book till i was 26 years old man, so howmi gonna understand a Kings book about kings, unless i do what they did my self, as if I am them, sorta? I know nothin of Kings and kingdoms condoms----------------------------- Im a joker of things, a fool who his folly is his ambiance, his ignorance was apparent as my paroxide blond hair and failing ego - A Drew trien to be a gentile, he was my soulph, never deviated from me was I, eye just had gotton some guilt along the way, i confessed every bit of it, made amends to everyone i could think i ever harmed. A large mill stone was removed from my neck as the scales fell from miner eyes - the mill stone it became a sharpening tool for my tongue. I could uses this later to tie around the necks of people who hurt children, and toss them into the holy sea - ------------------------- ------------------------"When the truth is found, to be lie's, and all the joy, within you...Die's" Dont you want some body ta love?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After trouble with the law at 12 years old, i had actually breifly tried to try church and bible reading - - - reading some passages of meanings, to feel better about people not feeling good about me,,, i went to the local donut and kool aid free day church vacation bible schooling. It qucikly became in my mind, nessary to be a christian and be baptised in the creek at Mts Run Creek in zions ville, seems zionism was a rampant way to being ok in everyones elses eyes, but your own, even in 1981, but i was ready for precog of Van Halens 1984 album - that week the church was loaded with people being waterd down - - - my great aunt Velma, my gandmaw Ruby, Eva a neihbor and grandmaw to my freinds, mary, eva's daughter and several others decided to take the great commish and washeth away the dam legal troubles,,, and peoples judgement on me as a newly devirginized criminal vandal. Now to find religion from it, for others to feel better about me -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I layed back down in the tent as all the mamerys ran thru my vane attempt at being ritually saved from people,,, yet my legs crossed like a internet salsemen, fell back into the moment and the clearing of my inner self made room for my ansisters to sprak to me - - - ---------------------While i was bizy not caring, apparently, some one decided to put me on earth right about the time I am not needing any bull shit from any one, if there is reincarnation, I knew it was gene ethics, only, mostly we are all related by the earth wind and fire at minimum, even if your skin is green and u can shape your shifts - - - or rather u cant bend a spoon with out your hands being noticed - - ---------------------------------------- -------------------------- BE AWARE- Anyone who reads and studies all religions and myths finds the same thing, that all religions and myths are the same stories told a little differently. Dont mean they aint true in many ways - perhaps its the same story? Ide say so, but witch came first the Bible or the Buddha, the Christ or the Krishna? Dates say one thing, I say another. But I am in position to make such a statement, few others are, since they have not went to the pain I have to learn such things wondering time and inner space. ***WARNING*** spoiler alert - - - New Age religion/Enlightenment is a Brand name a product for your consumption - same as all others - Same as Science is a religion is the same divided in two parts - - - everything has two parts and a part joining the two - but duality is double speak in confusing------------------------------------------------------your tongues are your thoughts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I realized everyone was in control - mostly of killing them self slow, but who am i to tell them the truth about pearls and pigs, money and clocks, jewlers and jewels and the difference between a bull horn street preacher and a cup of warm coffee at the starbucks, accross the street from starbucks? -------------------------------------This tent is dam comfy, more comfy than the life of an Eve Angel Eye's Her. The pockets hangin on the side with my wind up flash light, two xanax and some beer caps. I went to pee and when i returned it smelled like a brewry in that ig glue - just around the turn of the cetuturions, guard was changing their watch of the night and winding down the sun with in reaching distance of a large golden ladder,,, reaching down past jacks bean stalk cloud castle, where King Gigantis reads prayers - - - and on the yachob ladder, a man changing the light bulb on the suns ideas, what heppend next was not any thing but an attempt to understand me, my numbers, my mirrors and why was they placed every place for people to see them self in, and why do clocks tell everyone what to do on time? I was already telling people the bibles was being misread and unlead for lack of any one trin to learn to be what the great master teacher Yehuda has learned to teach his students to be masters also, and why it wasnt in the book of the law from King James, brother of Katz and why did they ecourage the church of the holy ckats, the Cat-holic church. The Lion of Yehuda was worshiped like a jungle lord, tarzan yelling to gather the animals to have sex with them = who gave birth to the first tribe of mankeys - - according to sanskrit = writing in sand/dirt before paper was invented--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I became paranoid briefly after i learned to yell like that, calling the cat, the dog and even the birds wood whisel back or yell "bob white" back at me in cadence. But before the after, the after before, those real plane's was hit by fake Towers, another sun was born 8/3/2001 near the three rivers St. Joseph, St. Mamary, and Mommee rivers, the original garden of edan is actually in fort Wayne Indiana, where it all started before the in dianas arrived from eyeland or some place - then my 5th son born on 3/13/2003, but whats that mean, all these synchonitys as I learn whats up---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Where you find five men gathered together, they will have found a sixth man that must die?"----------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------I had hoped, not some day, to be killed by five men, so I become what they need me to be = myself -this way if i died myself, i will not regret it being myself at death or any time before that, just to stay gold and I wont have to return after death, I can re tire at nirvana tire center - ------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------Must I walk alone to unfold? How can anyone unfold if his fellow men prohibets him from evolution?-------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was all in the sudden, out of the blue to myself, nothin bad comes out of the blue, ever, I said to my self. But was this a good sign or a bad one? maybe not a sign at all, eh. im imagining again in the universe im in that im actually at the center of. my Bllod is Hewish type and i come ethnicly from people called oden ones, many years ago who must have answerd the questions about pork wrong, to the romans holy cat noodle - cuz they changed their names and location and hid like a jew amoung the flocks of men - Angel and Saxxon jewrms - i could read better, as long as there was no words to interupt me -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - I was erdged to the rum store when the spirits ran out, I must remain spiritual and in the spirits of black bat rum - Two men there in side O'maliahs food market, the groce store it seemed nasty with freezer bitten products, yet next to the eyerish pub w its four leaf clover looking over, at a bar, that means no black people allowed i guess but Ill pass for brown, but these two ethiopians, and i knew it, appeared to me in isle 9 = very tall marphman syndrome other fuckers, dark as vulcan afrika soil, 7 foot each tall in white coats, tried to poison me in a grocery store? with cheese cake? my favorite cheese? and these black Angles from Kemat n Kush ethiopia, wanted to kill me? why? cause im yelling at the royals in a mushroom trip on the astral plane? thats it! gotta be it, im going sane fine ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ But Oh, but one plane wasnt even hit by a fake tower, and it still crashed into my head right off, like if american politicians are so great n nice to everyone, why r people wanting to kill them with fake buildings and bad news about wars and rumers of wars, dead fish and animals all over the earth, sink holes, people old and young in prophesy all the sudden one day, becoming on this earth what the king yehuda said would come, when the son of man returned? Se here comes the suns -----------------------------"Some times, medicine good - Some times- medicine bad" --------------------------"Never give medicine to one who is not sick" ---------------------------"Never prescribe a medicine you have your self never tried a dose of" ----------------------------"There are more Doctors who kill, than doctors who heal" ------------------------------"Choose your Doctors wise" ------------------------------"To Know your self is to Heal your self" --------------------------------------------------------I went to visit Bill Clinton in 2000; and they wouldnt even let me in the gates, and hey i had repented, and am now at that point a administer of words and good deeps to make up for my past ignorance of people and thing un-noticed - like that words are stupid, unless u need to talk ----------- At least today we have a Basketball court in the white house basement stop bitching about a black man and stop sterotyping him as a anitchrist - maybe he is that, just wjile u beleaive it to be so, like people did hittler once, it faded to another figure and then another neverending epic saga of samsara, not this time - - - I opend my eyes agin and I was sitting in my house on the recline in deep no thoughts, dressed in black night robe during the day, its now 2006 again, but like the sun turns black, so me and my robes turned white - and i changed figures like a transmutaion occured, a chemical wedding like out pouring of the spirit,,, all this from the stuffed words coagulating, inside ah me --------------------------- Im tapped in the the word world - and had to try every religion and such on for size, only way to know some thin, is to eat it and live it and breath it - then burn it - So I ate the air, this was the oldest air I could find, since it has been around and recycled by ever thing that breathed before me, live after me, and the breath I could not see,,, far away was also apart of us all up close, and from the sun, dark and true and from the moon doom and glowm - so air contained all the DNA ever - but what do the numbers mean and can I drink living water and learn the earth secrets, with no words to describe... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sow I began to work out every problem there was ever made to not fix - but this one, once I place my self in the center of a universe, It may be hard to not go super nova, since no one has actually visited a super nova or a black hole in space, ide settle for a visit from jim beam and 7up at this point. -----------------------------------"Seasons dont fear the reaper, nor do the Winds, the Sun or the rain We can be like they are"-------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------Seasons return like Samasara right? How much more will you return to work the land by the sweat ov yur I brow?------------------------------------------- -------------------------------What is the beast, who is a beast? let me calculate numbers of the beast since the book of life was prolly written around the turkey industry, and production farm out fits in their own fashion, they all the same w slight diff in pro nuns, see the nation of AintLamb and how they dress like nuns that dont want none but get some any way--------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - my birth 6/11/1969 - added together one by one = 33 Ok, now i gott technick lee = 2 x6's and 2 x9's - upside down nines are six so three six's in it? am i some kinda antichrist, no way, cause I did the in during Christ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------every 6th day at 11 am in my home town a tornado drill goes off -------------------------------------------- - 6-11 in a reflecting pond 911 upside down? Whats ever body so worked up about numbers surrounding a fake plane being crashed in to a fake building that actually wasnt there at all except on TV when it was shown on a hologram show - and tV always teaches people to look - and when u turn it off you can see your reflection in it, just like the sun, it turns black, it was meerlee from the light blinding light that we could not see the darknest of the TV soul--------------------------------------- weird enough - kinda like that movie "the number 23" eh - but i was calculating my number and my self before this movie and my fingerling was not as type ready-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - my social security number 314-76-1749 added together = 42 = the angle of a rainbow========================================= nothin do do with the planet Jewpeter--------------------------------------------------------------- Allot can be said about rainbows n 42's maybe when your goin insane trien to get sane, at least thats what im told to think about 42 when im aware im crazy enough to consider it, anything other than a random number sequence - - - like all things im told, to think them------------------------------- - as they are the aura of the earth, they mark the earths aura dome igloo that few ever see out of, since like a window, daytime space is darkend blue, and at night, it is see thu - and when i spray the hose misting, the close by rainbow is my auric egg rainbow, my very sign god will not flood the earth again? what does it mean, my rainbow, my invisible egg, till i mist the hose on a sunny day, at 42 degrees tip and bottom, but who can hatch this egg i pondered? Not to mention the number 42 in the movie "hitch hiker guild to the galaxy", is the most important thin beside a towel, in the world and even universe n galaxy, so rainbows mean life, absence of rain bows are sign of pending death - i wasnt yet 42 years of age but im 44 as i write this, what does it mean - 44 after all, it is a multiple of 11 - and I was born on the 11th day of June after all right? so this all means someting? Waht is between our auric egg and the sun, can we even see it out side our auric egg between it and the sun? - --------------------------------------------------And if the sun is far away and the at most fear makes it magnified then from space why isnt the same magnification there, should not I be able to from space see your every move up close using the st most fear as a looking glass - or maybe the sun is not as far away as your lead to bee leave------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Ok, wait, let me rake my self out of the the picture and look at this all again, my life seems planned, layed out and in play, yet i know i can do as i wish, is humans totaly depraved and unable to transmute base metal desire into golden love/will? a Great work of a philosopher to study and become nature/natural - A magnum opus of spiritual mutation, a psychological healing of all your lifes karma and genetic karma ends with the breaking of cycles created genetically. The genetic reincarnation of the good Kings of old perhaps, maybe some evil ones as well -----------------I can escape rebirth, yes even uncle samsara wants you, in this end ever ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What does it mean now? nothing, absolutely nothing - but this: When you put your self into a universe, you became the center of it, everything correlates to you/me, we learn from where we once was not, we put our self in the shops of wise men fist, to test them, if they fit we make our own shoes and walk our own path, it seems wise not to follow another destruction ------make it the last one ------ We haveta imagine, this person, me, best yet YOU = observing them self, in a situation or trein to learn from things in a foreign environment, each time we are born from the waters of mamarryah gene etic rebirth, as if your the purpose to know your self, and learn from what i was reading - for inctance when i read a story that speak of a man who behaves like i do in some negative way, and now im that guy, now i can see what it like to be me, pretty soon I am me again. I advise, if your goin crazy, be some one who can over come it - if it be Maitreya on the dragons wing, or Martin Luthors Kings men, or the dark Buddha of Lillyput - be what u need to be to learn about your self and then in so, learn to be your self, your genetic self; Samsara. Correct your sin of the before fathers, in your own life - dont repeat, better your self better than your parants and in turn teach the children to be better than me - not like me - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come as you are now- but Die clean samsara, die clean-------------------------------------------------

Monday, November 3, 2014

8th Selpheln - I Love a Charade

"Abracadabra: not an Indian word at all, a cabbalistic formula derived from the name of the supreme god of the Basilidan gnostics, containing the number 365, the number of the days of the year, and of the heavens, and of the spirits emanating from the god Abraxas." —Saleem Sinai----------------------------------------------------------------------------- September 4, 2013 -----------------------------------A parade is a mere advertisement - I moving build board for certain groups with a community. Who organizes these and put them on display other than the Polis? -----------------------------------------------------------"Polis" is word that means city, town, burg, ville and so on. The term police somes from this cause the police represent and are supervisors who work for the city/polis ----------------------------------------------------I live a parade! the fire trucks - woo woo!!! and the bands school locals play my fave show tunes - great people eh, we should trust them, they are in the parade for christs sake, right. They are on TV parading theis stuff so it all muss be true right? carneval too that day to celebrate we need more money (for the polis) or we need to spend more money (for the town marks/people/community) - step right up folks, and get a tricknTreat -------------------------------------------------- How would we even know who the Shriner's are if they didnt advertise and parade them self as beneficent lovers of children, make those of us who are curious about those lodges maybe ask to join them or other of those sorta orgs/farternity's/maternity's, us who want to know more about those little hats and how they ride those gocarts so well, is why they makes them self known maybe? What is hidden is hidden to be found. Those who are curious look!- - - - -----------------------------------------A "Police Officer" is a supervisor of the city, Officer is a term meaning Supervisor a person holding a position of command or authority - a holder of a public, civil, or ecclesiastical office. ------------------------------"a probation officer" even? ) ----------------------------------------Administrator = Supervisor, officer, controller and so on - low or high office --------------------------------------I am from the Indian-ap-Polis area - Inidan City no doubt -------------------------------------------------------------------------The Me Am Eye Indians traveled from northern Indiana to Miami Florida with the seasons it is said, musta stayed in the indian polis for a spell a time er two? -----------------------------------------A "Minister" is a Administrator in a business, church, religion, polis, dept, Goverment office, clergymen,Father, Frator, Doctor, Nurse and willy nilly -------------------------------------------------------------------Any man or women of the Polis administrates the business of towns and citys. All or most towns today, citys, school corps, villes, burgs, staes and Nations is a Corporations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Those who do business even as a Soul proprietor, he then coops with the polis also as an administrator, same with any one who uses the polis as intercessor/intermediary is in coop with the Polis if they pay tax's to the tax minister. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------At Church the Minister tax's you with an "offering" subliminal suggestion or advertisement/parade/show = to "donate" cause they are the polis who supervise the organization under 501c3 tax status and are not allowed to sell religion for profit, so they must get donations rather than sales. donations = parishioners and parishioners = dollars. So a Minister of an 501c3 organization can suggest donations, but not make them mandatory since its a non profit org. Many methods are used to "suggest" the donations needed to pay the Ministers and the staffs. -----------------------------------See---------------------------------------------------------------- the job of all Ministers/Administrators, police,evangelists is to collect fines, donations and dollars with is a tax = tax's. So you are being Taxed any time you deal with an administrator of any kind, cause thats their job to tax and supervise the peoples of the polis - if you live on earth you more than likely live in a polis jurisdiction and are activly being supervised by them in many more ways than one. -------------------------------------------------Its in the best interest of the polis that you break a rule, law of some kind so they can collect a guilt or sin offering for breaking the laws of god the Polis ---------------------------------------------------An organization is a polis, it is a coop with the State, through the Federal government, who is made of of representatives of each each state and/or polis ------------------------------------------------------------In the same way the term "ment" in our language means mind - so the term Government means to govern minds - whos minds? ------------------------------------------------------------Mind tricks are dones with spells - spells are words - spelling words ---------------------------Corporation's are PERSONS - a PERSON is a man made entity or Golem Orgs are also man made ------------------------------Persona means act or a performance = a mask ego = man made creation Nature didnt make it = man made it from his mind ------------------------------ Words are a creations of man ------------------------------- Mind is words - you cant think with out man made words, numbers or glyph programmed into your brain drive. No one can. ------------------------------- No mind existed until words was introduced - only being through the senses ------------------------------- Words are the Archons - a foreign entity that entered mans body and disrupted his being and senses, and through is brain, gained control over mankind like a parasite - ----------------------------------- This invisible control is also known as the "All seeing eye" and hierarchy (trickle down control and hive mind/herd/comminist/colonist mind) makes this all possible ------------------------------------ In hierarchy everyone has a place in the pyramid - heirarchy is invented from nature = a bee's nest/ colony;hive -------------------------------------- Bee's are Colonist's - communist organizers ------------------------------ Workers on the bottom, Drones (little Kings/Qings) in the middle; and Queen is at the top - the cap stone is hive mind - ----------------------------------Drones are the polis - laborers are supervised/policed by the drones - hive mind, rules, laws are programmed by the Clergy bee who are also known as scientists wgo make laws of man. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Parades are advertisements for the workers by the drones - same with any propaganda from the polis ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Judicial system is the Mosaic law as layed out by Moses the Patriarch if Judaic Christianity still today. This is a taxing the profane, created by men Golems called "Humans" (The term Human means sub-Man) to collect tax from sinners/Humans/Chattel who mess up on the production floor, is the job of the drones who supervise the works of the Beasts of the field. ---------------------------------------"Man" is sovereign and free if he is a builder of burgs = a drone/Qing/little King/Qing = the genetic seed of most all modern Humans in this world, and top of the pyramid -( all the indigneouse are wiped out/genocided cause they could not be tamed/civilized/broken/educated/indoctinated/enslaved) - So man had to mix with the slaves, like the domestication of any animal they used Farming technology today called Eugenics to create a better laborer,a Sub-man bread to labor certain tasks or even play sports. See this fact hidden in every myth and religion in the world and know why things are hidden. Every Religion is the worship of Kings - Christ King - Buddha was also a King and same with Krishna = all King worship like Mohamedite's, who follow a King Mohamet - who are supervised by clerics/polis in congregations/communitys/kingdoms/countys/town-ships/citys ext ext Mosk pit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Humans" or sub-man are Chattle/slaves/Civilians RH positive blood type = the rest of the worlds Humans -----------------The Police = The High Priest's Servants -----------------Crimes = Sins ------------------The Jail = The Ward ----------------The Courthouse = The Temple -------------------The Courtroom = The Holy Place -----------------The Judge = The High Priest ----------------------The Bench = The Altar --------------------The Bar = The Veil ------------------------Lawyers = Intercessors ------------------------Pleas = Prayers -----------------------Being Guilty of a Crime = Being Guilty of a Sin -----------------------Criminals = Sinners ----------------------Fines = Sin Offerings -------------------Court Costs = Heave Offering -----------------------The Supreme Court = The Holy of Holies -------------------------The Judicial System = ----------------------------The Levitical Priesthood --------------------Please = Plea's ---------------Plea guilty or not guilty? --------------Plea means pray ----------------------Please means "I pray to you" same with plea to a Judge who you are to prey for forgivness ------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The term Anti- means Before - Before christ law of the Golden rule there was the Mosaic law so to be anti christ is to be before christs law, or not under it. Who ever follows \Moses law does not follow Christ laws and is Anti christ - honestly im just disclosing the words, you do the math. --------------------------------------------------------All lawyer's Rule the land, they are Lords, some just Squires called esquire - lawers are Judges, they make all the rules and enforce them with supervisors/admin - If the BAR rules who reigns? - - - but who gives them the title Esquire? ------------------------------------------------------------The bAR is world Wide, so Attorneys rule the world via laws using courts as temples - temple are banks since a bench is a bank in latan , but they do not reign over it, rule over it yes, and they must tithe, can be any creed these days these people who rule, color, nationality, religion or what ever - no one else rules the world and supervises each and every Org, groups, institution, CORP and PERSON and that word means CORP and corps means not alive - google "Golem" and "Egregor" - the ego is a product of this egregor hive mind created by word/laws/logic/logos/thought forms/memes/memory - those who control language control laws and those who control laws control people - any law and any rule is the same logic - if your apart of these rules u are ruled - ---------------------------------------------------------------A Beast is an animal - Animals cannot control them self = they have no mind, only instinct and can only be trained/domesticated using sounds and rewards/pos and neg reinforcement through the senses. Memory is part of this new instinct introduced by the trainer inforeced untill it become instinct and memotized through the senses, not mind, its instinctual sorta mind to react with the rest of the herd = Miley Cyrus style - Roomers and gossip cause reactions, so do tsunamies to the grazing beasts. Ask me for more details on this subject if u dont get this part - its crucial to understanding your self, man and humans - so we can all be Supermen one day - eh ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Humans can think, so words are all thats needed to control them. in this Farmingtown - - - So A beast is anything/animal that cannot control his desires, appetites, passions, is superstitious maybe, goes by instincts. addictiosn and so on. An animals will have sex anytime any place and does not think through the ramifications of his actions. A beast is a Farmers helper if he can be trained under a whip/flail/Hook and staff. A Kinf ceptor is to crack the heads of the beasts of the feild, same with a whip or cane. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------On a farm every beast has a number or brand - a brand is a name but it can be a number - in this case, every beast/Golem/Human/Chattle/Sheeple has this mark, for it is the mark of man. So a number or a word is the same as any mark, it tracks your production for if you are a worker bee, your being supervised by the drones. A workers work is never done, says the drone. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Socialism is a workers part of politics same with comminism. a system set up bu colonists to enforce on a hive or Farm animals. in this case Bee heirarchys. All hives are shaped like a pyramid - not hard to find the Queen inside, she has a certain oder thats attracts all. And besides, honey is money! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Only those who can control them self, leave the hive, jump the fence of the city are truley free from the hive, You cannot live in a hive and not be supervised in some way. If your not working and in a hive, you may be reported and kicked out of the hive or killed even crucified, if your weak and human, you beast, you get back to work and labor for part of the colony. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ants the insex are also very in-flu-ential of the man making of civil lie's nations - colonys - marching orders - team work/communists = "observe the Ant" it says in the Bible - not I have to be infected by this in flu ants? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bee a beast or bee cast out? Conformity = group norms = hive mind = herd mind = Beasts mind = voting = cooperating = animal farm -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wood eye ever bee 4 given for not wanting to bee apart of this mind? Cant one think for them self? Yes but only when he can control his body, mind and actions - get control of your self or you are being controled - either way is fine with me, choose your pown path Humans - but know your self and control your self or bee always of the Beast - this mark you all carry? can be dis carded, or kept treasure and secure like a trophy. "protect your idenity" your persona or PERSON -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Man must use nature to create nature and man is the measure of all things - measure your self and you will know all mans and humans thoughts and actions - You will acheive what only Kings and Queens wont allow - individual autonomy to create and out think the gods/Gods, who are the Kings and Queens of old inserted into your religions and mythology - What is right in front of you is what is hidden, as much as what is inside you. Learn these and get a real prize sweater than honey. -----------cha·rade --------noun------------- an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance. ------------"talk of unity was nothing more than a charade" --------------------synonyms: farce, pantomime, travesty, mockery, parody, pretense, act,masquerade-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------County's are Owned/Ruled and established by Counts (G = Geo-gentry is to Count/survey)along water ways and railways of early america using lodges, who measured surveyed and claimed the states and "County's" - by the Counts/Prince and Priests/Clergy = guys with the high hats and two ball Cane's pointy mustaches tying virgins on rail road trax for a ritual sacrifice so to kick start the party after scamming sttler's out of their claims for pennys - even military are the same folks, death cult in charge of population control and security of the Prince or the patriarchal system or reign and rule - all the same blood line's of the = Your-a-peon = aris-stock-crazy ... No, this is not so cliche of a story - so keep reading if you want to unlearn anything------------------------------------------ -4 example = I live in Hamilton co. So The land is owned by the "Counts of Hamilton" (County) - The Prince are still principality, (nasi means prince in hebrew) and to live on the Prince's lands, you must pay the tax to be free and accepted - it is private owned land for public uses who spend money that the counts will count. It is for lease/all sales are are subject to be seized or stolen from you = period - if it was your country, your land, yude make the rules, but the Ruler's make the rule's, not you - modern day legal land piracy counts of your trespassing in the land or waters making you guilty of sin and of owing a tax........................... In your home, on your land, you pay for the right to be the King of your own castle, your a captain on a ship, your a worker, you have workers rights to live on the land you work, the colony is a plantation, you have rights as a worker on that floating plan it - - - you have title and permits, not true owner-ship - your just the captain on a ship you may have built, but it can be taken cause your floating on surveyed land and the entire plan it is a grid and has been surveyed by the people who claimed it my that very measure - - - - - - - - - -----------------But hold on jack - in your castle, you can make the rules, same as on your ship, your the king of your castle - but the Prince of this world owns the grid, and the whole planet is a grid - The Count's even enforce the rule that you must pay a tax to live on their lands they surveyed via Geomancy- - - Every town you enter in the north had a G showing you who owns and rules the lands = Counts - and any one who counts rules and everyone who rules counts - judges make all the rules - they are enfarced on the banks of the rail roads, banks of rivers and banks on side the road nowadays - a bank is the side of the river, where the money is counted, where your goods = = = and bads alike are measured for taxing, just pull your ship to doc so the kingsmen can measure humpty dumpty's weight - - - -------------------------------------------------------- Dukes are in charge of mechanical maintenance of the worker units, Duktors are maintenance techs in reality, fixing faulty machines = Duktor in white robe - Counts judge and tax you black robe - And if you study close enough, the counts are all related to the same European counts and royals like you, who is a fallen angel and has fallen from that family tree some how only to be treated like a step child? - I am not complaining, but this is esoteric that most people miss they are counted, as a beast on a farm is kept track of, marked with a number and name is a brand -------------- - Counts sit on the Bench/in Latin means Bank, same as any bencher - - - and even bankers are counting same as accountants and clergy are these same holy preists - Counts rule the county - Counts rule the State - Counts rule the city via the Mayor/Major - each star on your national fag is a Capital and this governor is General in his theater of war on the inhabitants of the land. Each stripe is a stick/dick and a stick is called a fag = it is bound by the stripes/fags of patriarchy - - - your flag is a facsi=fascist turn it up wards and look - - - just means patriarchy = a bundle of sticks/dicks and the entire plan it is a patriarchy ran by dicks and chicks with dicks via boards of directors = dickteters - yes a penis is a nipple for some of you - - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Duktors, Judges and clergy all speak Latin - its all very biblical, ritual and even see it as the inqusition as executives are executioners judges judgeask the question - State Executes punishment's for sin/crime on a re-penence-tentury---------------- You are not free on some one elses land, only on your own = your own property and if you are a member of a Church or Lodge are you a "freeman" see definition of a Freeman - if your not a freman your a pauper or a common - your a king or a kingsmen = = = and ask humpty dumpty about being together again.......................................................... this is not your land and in america you cannot be held to a contract you did not sign - you did not sign the cons-tit-utuion but you did pleadge alligents to the fag - those who break that oath will have to walk the plank at sun ra

7th Selpheln - Creative Destruction Of Evolution

June 28, 2014 - - - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I set out to find out how religous nature could be about the theory of faith and this so called Faith in theory. I took trips again to the wildernest. I cannot find any evidence in nature of evolution when I look for my self, minus every thing I was told in school and so forth. I am not religious or anything like that but I wanted to find evolution outside when I looked and only found creation and destruction. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I mean, isn't the big bang band, the sudden creation from nothing, BAM! - same as the Bible babble story of sudden creation from nothing, just by saying the word and light is here. Both go against natural physical reality, in fact, I am trying to create something out of nothing; and cant for the life of me cant do it. I can make a house from tree's or a road from busted up rocks, a fire from slint n fuel bics but cant make a big bang with out a tool made from materials unless i clap it out loud i make a sound ----------------------------------------------------I cannot make materials out of thin air, but even air is something and a noise is some thing but I cant create an earth and people in my own natural reality, eh... ---------------------------------------------------For instance in nature we can observe: ------------------------------ The ant's create a hill and the deer trample it and destroy it. --------------------------- I make a fire and it rains -------------------------- The deer made a path and the local developer destroyed the owls tree house sub divides it for shops ---------------------------- The Bee's made a hive and the poo winny bear's destroyed it for honey sake treat -------------------------------- The beavers created a dam and the floods came and pushed them out ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I want to see evolution, not theorize about it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Every place I look in person, when I leave the text books and internet behind, I find creation and destruction in nature, yet Darwin and todays scientist swear and be dammed we and nature is evolving? I cant see it with me eyes and make any logic of it, unless some millions of years of creation and destruction some how evolves into not creating and destroying any more... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Maybe creation and destruction, order and chaos are evolution of more of the same? I do not get it, do you? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------I do not see human technology as evolution at all, not when all man does is copy him self and nature over and over again. How could any other method work in nature by a direct copy of nature? - "Man is the measure of all things" Protagoras. So we see society and architecture as a copy of nature, how else could it work? All one needs to do is study society, to find man is the measure of mans ways and created as a copy/hybrid of him self. Like our computer, is not made to evolve, how could a computer, a building or a car evolve? Instead, they are made to destroy and re-create, just as nature. Just like the wild creatures create and destroy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------I do not see the squirrels in my woods evolving in the town I have live in, on and off most of my life. I can not find proof of that, unless I look in a picture book, text book or watch animation on the Discovery channel. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------If you define cross breading as evolution, that makes sense in what your saying here. But I dont see it with my own eyes and cant go with it takes so much time no one can see it happen? Then how can we theorize it except out of thin air, I think. -------------------------------------------------------------------------And The term "natural selection" is odd to me when it selects to circulate and repeat it self through creation and destruction, when I my self observe nature in a natural setting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------To be clear once more: The evolution I speak of was/is evidence in the moment, what I see right now out side in the planets preserves, in the wild preserves, as it may be a manipulated wild, but as it is today in my life time of observation. I do not speak of a theory of the past by some one sanctioned to provide a logical explanation to the scientific community and school children. I have a hard time making my way of life and the way I see life/death based on what I am told. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am told, here is two choice's to choose from, "choose one to be for - and choose one to be against". I am not for or against either theory's provided for me, I just formulate my own knowing and exclude the theory's I am provided if they cannot be repeated by my self in my lab. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------And if we look, we can see that nature is change, nothing but change and that must be perfection, how can it be imperfect that man has to say let me fix it because he is afraid of being destroyed by this perfection? But this change is so predictable isnt it, it is creation and destruction, it is predictable yet so chaotic by my self. Some one hide me from this with a theory. But over time and with much time in this change, changing with change, we start to notice patterns, and the absence also of them. The change now I see, now on earth is death in human kind and lots of local extinctions of wild animals, these are not positive mutations to prolong life of any specie's, if you call them mutations, call them neg toward destruction, if there is positive and negative as our two choices again. Good and bad as my measure. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I dont see genetic manipulation by man as bad, not when they help me live, unless I want to die, then life is bad. But I also do not see them as a positive mutation when man creates the mutation instead of nature since it is evolution of nature we examine. The manipulations by men are always weak and requires high maintenance for survival, in the case of production farm animals and pedigree pets. I do not understand sickness as a positive mutation, when life is being attacked. But maybe life and death is not good or bad, it just is nature. I dont think nature prefers one over the other, just change is all nature is, no words or man made measure to define it self by. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In domestic hybrids of any animals and human, the genes are weak and they get sick easy, they require doctors check ups and vet bills - The life force is weak and requires constant care and a artificial environment ( illusions, drugs and false perceptions to hide stress for instance). The tamed cannot survive in the wild very long if at all, especially when the domestication is several generations of artificiality. Domesticated humans have no instinct left to be wild, they need being taught, instead of learning on their own and told what time to eat and how to have a balanced diet, it is bred out of them to survive with out being governed with laws and kept in a artificial environment's. Many can not survive with out a herd to follow, not many can lead them self any more apart from the group herd mind and standards of thought provided for them to think. Present a thought they never heard and they may attack, rather than consider and modify their perceptions and conceptions, based on new evidence. Not so with philosophers ans scientist we hope, but it is there in every group, group norms, a treasured schema, and the outsider is not welcome and is scapegoated with much fervor and jeer's. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No mutations at all in a positive sense do I see, I only see negative ones in nature and in society/social groups. I cant see things like mental retardation and the many dis-ease men have as positive genetic mutations, not at all are they? Not if we expect them to continue the life of human/man kind in the future - looks like we are going extinct with all the sickness and mortality in the moment, no evolving at all, not even socially. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As for as the theory's, we could say only cross breading to create different types of hybrid species occurs/occurred in any specie, that is all that ever happened. I could be the monkeys uncle, not the monkey be mine. One could theorize monkeys actually came from a man like species, rather than men came from a ape like one. I could go on and on with theory's, but nature shows us plainly, in plain site, of ones own eye. ===============================================================================- = - We measure time and space using a clock and a grid. But what if I said that clocks and square grids are only mental constructs made physical by human hands from human idea's? These are synthetic, man made instruments to establish a synthetic reality and mental perception. Accurate only if we agree they are accurate. And all civilization use the same clocks and shapes universally to measure time and space, no matter what time it is, There is never enough. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How long does it take to move across this square, based on that clock in the town square? Just ask the clock maker and the grid makers son. The are in cahoots to sell you shinny trinkets. Dont matter what size square you use or what the unit it is called, in what language, the same clocks are used second by second, around the globe. The is Counter the clock wise. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Each second of time is sub divided, according to the rules of time keeping. Stop watchers can tell you at the Olympics, just how long it took Jack, when went up the hill to Jill a pale of water. So how can we measure anything with out a synthetic device or metronome? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Count's count in a space where everything counts. On the counter, where the balance is justice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shall we calculate time and space based on your heart beat or mine? Mine is a bit slower than yours. But wait, we would first have to create a way to count with a number system construct and create a grid using natural materials. But wait, no two in nature is exactly the same shape, length or size, not even a tic, just the consult with the talk? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As it is written saith the Science Clergymen. So it must be true, it must be reality. use the same synthetic language's the that silly Bible uses to create a Science reality for non believer's and call it revelations for one sect and evolutions for the other sect, just remove the "R", it will surely create revolutions among them. Both will believe in that. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A machine is not a natural variant of another machine from nature, it is a precise creation, made with hands and minds. nature does not need a mind to think it, it just is no matter what we think about it, it came first. But Mental Constructs are trans fur d to a blue print and from that print, it is constructed with precise details into a physical construction project, using manipulated hand shaped natural materials, or crushed into aggregate. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thus, clocks are a machine. And with out a man made cooky formula and device to calculate time and space, how could there be space and time? With out a definition of space, how could it exist? Are not words, symbols, numbers and definitions the creation of men, to communicate for the purpose of commerce? Why else do anything but grunt and point? S--------------------------------------------------------------o if men unkind went extinct, what time would it be, how far would it from here to there, or what time would it be here or over there, no not there, to the left a bit more... -----------------------------------------------Einstein was a genius with space and time are relative. They are related after all - - - in that they are simply an idea and do not exist with out a mind to think them, percieve them or conceive of them... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There is no time and there is no space. It is all in your head. Evolution is revolution on volition. ---------------------------------------------------No, I do not see anything evolving right now, as I said - I see energy as memory and it circulates and repeats creation and destruction, nevermore. Some times is born or new from birth, some times it is in the middle of life and other times it is near death or dead ----------------------------------------------------Some prefer to rest at creation and seek only light/good and others seem to crave only destruction and seek only dark/bad ----------------------------------------------------Few are both and still fewer are positive, neutral and negative all at once --------------------------------------------------"Out of the One comes Two, out of Two comes Three, and from the Third comes the One as the Fourth" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am not a creationist or a evolutionist. I promise you this. I just know what is, for i know myself. I show you myself here. Okay, let us make a human live under water, out side air, they would not have a chance under water unless you give them time to evolve gills or a blow spout and some swimmy fins, gills and scales. Or at least dolphin like skin and tale shins to out swim hammer head shark twins. But then what about my skin wrinkling like an old mans till it turns to mush, like at the pool? Let us force all of human kind to live under water and evolve to survive it. Do you really think humans would evolve and not all die off quickly from drowning? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Turkeys have wings to fly, but drop one from a helicopter and see it evolve before they hits the ground. Or maybe keep doing this generation after generation the they will finally learn to fly down and land like the legal eagle, but that is naturally ill Eagle and not of the leagal of nature laws. Not even in the same league at all. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Watch a fly hit a window over and over, trying to prove he can fly through glass to escape your cigarette smoke. This is the very definition of evolutionary fly science, you cant prove it Mr. Fly. The definition of doing the same thing over and over expecting the same result is what again? Like evolutionary seance, isnt it? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lets have a board meeting and make it a law that fly's can fly through windows, it just takes a million years to evolve a glass cutter. But then it will be against the law to say other wise. Just like the Popes people and the peoples popes, eh. We need Scientific clergy and congregations and laws, so nature is hidden from the eyes of the sky scraper Pugh's and meeting room round table's. We cant have the laborer's knowing nature, then they would know them self, eh... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you cant repeat it even once, it just a idea, not the old science of Newton. It is synthetic mental construct. Nature is change, nature is perfect, you can go out side right now in the wild and observe this change, it is predictable, but not a precise prediction will prevail. Natures has cycles and those cycles do not evolve, they just vary. But one things is for sure and that is destruction and creation or a new cycle. See the Uroboros in action out side. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Or maybe ask the great profit Nostradumbass, what will happen approximately, when the hybrid white chicken cross's the road with out a crossing guard. Or follow the white hybrid rabbit down the fox hole alice. It is a trap for dumb white domesticated rabbits, says the sly old wild Fox. Nature does not domesticate animals so it will pull a plow, be three times the weight in meat of a wild one. Or produce an apple a day 365 days a year, cause that burns out the gene. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The domesticated gene does not evolve, it burns out becaue it is weak, same as the wild gene does not evolve. Try and see if a wild water buffalo will pull a plow, it takes off spring of domesticated calves, hand raised from birth to do that. A wild lion will not allow the lion tamer at the circus whip it and poke it with a chair. It will kill or dies trying, or sinlpy die from stress in a cage. But The domesticated gene will behave because it is generations of being such,it burns out faster though,it is weaker because the home made light that burns twice as bright, burns out twice as fast at home. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nature creates and destroys in cycles, these cycles vary, but verily I tell you the new cycle is coming sure as the Reaper reaps the crops on harvested moons. The scythe of death will come and drop, so will the buds spring to life. The term human means sub-man. Humans are domesticated Man. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Know thy self" and you will know all things.